Today’s adventure

Okay, yesterday I (ulp!) wrote the check for getting the sills fixed. Then I paid the dentist the money we owed and bought a new sonic toothbrush. After THAT the bank account was feeling a bit lean, as you might imagine.

Last night, just before we sat down to dinner, I threw 3 towels in the wash. During dinner there was this loud THUNK-THUNK-THUNK that wasn’t normal. I went over to the washer, stopped and opened it. No obvious problems, closed it, restarted the machine and closed the door to the laundry room.

This morning I went into the laundry room with the latest dirty clothes and went


Not a wonderful way to start your morning. (I’d just gotten my 1st cup of coffee.) So, gee, the laundry room got cleaned this morning. All the wet, sopping stuff came off the floor and got hung up outside. The towels got put in the dryer, the portable heater got put in the laundry room.

While I was at it, I cleaned out whatever dust bunnies I could find and for good measure cleaned the glass shelves and window too.

I’m beginning to feel like the Flanders & Swann song, “The Gasman Cometh” was written about us. The song, if you don’t know it, is funny indeed. The intro to the song has a phrase that has been circling through my head all morning, “…unending domesting upheaval…”.

So that’s today/this month? Unending Domestic Upheaval.



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