Hints & Tips: Cleaning

Aside from books always being a part of my life, it seemed for a long time I got jobs to clean things. I’m actually pretty good at it, ironically enough. The ones marked with a star I got when cleaning things commercially. Anyway, here’s some cleaning tips:

Cleaning an ashtray? If you’re sure everything is cold, dump the contents into the trash and wipe out the ashtray with a slightly damp rag.*

Another way to clean chrome is with rubbing alcohol.*

Taking a shower? Wipe the steam from your mirror/chrome with a chamois. Free, fast, and no chemicals!

Got a pan with a layer of grease in it? Pour salt in the pan enough to absorb the grease. Put the greasy salt into a plastic bag and tie it up. Then clean the pan as usual.*

Waxing the floor? Put TWO layers of wax on the high traffic areas, you’ll have to rewax the floor less often. One layer is usually enough elsewhere.*

Washing windows? Use a little liquid dish soap, water and some ammonia. No pricey fancy blue water needed!*

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head!

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