Hints & Tips : Selling Books

I was a used bookseller for 20 or so years.  I have various “tips” I will add below which will help you get more money for used books, buy books cheaper, clean books, etc. I assume that most people who work in any profession have these types of tips.

Mine, for getting selling books for more, will be added below. I did another post Hints & Tips: Buying Books, where you’ll find the tips for buying books for less.

[My life is still a construction zone!] Feel free to add your tips below.

Selling books for more money:

  • Put them in a clean box.
  • Clean them off with a clean soft paint brush or soft cloth.
  • Make sure there’s no bugs, anything sharp or alive in with them.
  • DON’T take them to the bookstore in a trash bag or crumbling paper carton.
  • Do some research. If the book store you’re taking your romances to sells only classics or religion, you’ve wasted your time & theirs. If they only have 1 shelf of the type of books you’ve got in the entire store, they either can’t find them (good!) or they don’t want that type of book.
  • Ask, politely: if they’re buying books like yours. . .if they give trade credit. Do they pay more in credit?  If they do, ask if you can buy books just with credit? (Probably not these days.)

2 responses to “Hints & Tips : Selling Books

  1. Smokers should consider a shot of lysol & airing also! I rejected books on the basis of reek, or if they were desirable titles dropped the price I offered. (Yes we are cousins, yes we like books – Manager of a Used bookstore 12 years. 😛 )

    • Yep. I know of people who use packeted coffee to help. Put the books in a plastic box with the packeted coffee (unused, I used to buy it on sale. And, no, I don’t mean z cups) on top. Protect the box from moisture for a day or more. The coffee is said to absorb some of the odor. Also, on high gloss books (paperbacks, for example) you can take a SMALL amount of rubbing alcohol on a rag and remove some of the odor from the outside of the book that way. THIS WILL NOT WORK ON THE PAGES! (It ruins them.)

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