Nothing much

happened today of note.  Last night was long and freaky, the house was making weird noises add that to having PTSD, and if you’re me, you have a sleepless night, or all but.

That made today wading through molasses-like. I went to the dump. I went grocery shopping. I went to a new to me antique store (didn’t buy anything). I went to the supermarket. I went to the bank. I went to a craft store. I put stuff in my antique booth. I met DH and we went to home centers. We came home.
The home repairs are nearly done. I’m exhausted from last night and need to go to bed, and I will — soon!

P.S. I did talk to my favorite cousin, something I don’t do often enough.


2 responses to “Nothing much

  1. You talked to me on the phone. 😛

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