Big number!

Because of these factors:

  • We’re still tearing the house apart because of the repairs we’re getting done today & tomorrow
  • The supermarket game I was playing ended
  • It’s fall and what I need to remember about this year’s vegetable garden has already been noted

there’s a VERY large number on today’s tally!

The guys who’re doing the repairs potentially need access through DH’s shop. That meant moving 2 cabinets this morning which of course meant we looked at things we hadn’t seen for a long time and got rid of some. (I’ll do more of this later today too.)

I had an entire bowl of stuff related to the game: game boards, envelopes with sorted game pieces, > 100 game chits I hadn’t separated (they were 1/2 coupon, 1/2 game pieces) I also had a LARGE stack of coupons from these.

Finally, last week I’d written down what I needed to remember from this years’ vegetable garden. There’s no particular reason I need to keep the seed packets from the plants that failed or only did so-so, so those got pitched today too!

I filled a target section in 1 day! Woo hoo!!!! Also, this got me to where I should have been 7/31, so now I’m working on catching up just August and September. I may hate filing or pitching paper, but the numbers sure add up when I do!

What I’ve done today, aside from throw things out: catalog some books to give to the white elephant sale Saturday (See note.), catalog some stuff to go to the antique store today, help DH clean his shop, straighten part of the pantry, do a load of rags, hang those that get hung outside on the rack. Sweep/mop the kitchen floor, unload/reload & start the dishwasher. I’m tired, and it isn’t even 11:30 a.m. yet!

Note: When I went to the market at noon, there was this box that said, “Donate Books Here,” so I did! I need to get more to donate for the white elephant sale!



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