Today is less structured

but I still have a long list of things to do/maybe do:

  • Laundry/laundry room **
  • Cutting wood pile ***
  • Move garden pot storage
  • Move outdoor trunk *
  • (possible) attic clean up so that boxes from the kitchen can be moved there ***
  • Get the book mailed * in its mailer 10:14 Missed the post office by 5 minutes 9/10, got mailed 9/11 instead
  • Get the 2nd book mailed *
  • Get the presents wrapped & mailed **
  • Clean the car **
  • Get the books & stuff ready to go to the antique store: cataloged/tagged *
  • Get the door to the bedroom so it can be closed*

In other words, it’s a normal day around here! A pretty endless list of chores to do/things to clean and cull and not enough time to do all of them. I prioritized the above list with * being the most urgent and *** being the least.

What I’ve done today includes:

  • Scrub the toilet & tub
  • Unload the dishwasher & put the dishes away

As I get things done, I’ll line through them above and add them to the lower list. It may not be entertaining for you, but it will certainly help me feel like I’m getting something DONE, which is a common problem for me.

Oh! I decided I needed to do a STUFF BUDGET too (at least in certain areas). I can’t see any particular reason why we should need more than 3 times the amount of people here in any one type of durable item.

If there’s 3 of you, why would you need more than 9 dinner plates, for example?

So, I’ve got 2 more bowls and some plates to go into the attic. I debated whether I should sell them or not?

I decided against it. I don’t have a problem with selling extras of the things I use, but the items I use everyday and replacements for breakage — no. Economically, this makes sense, as long as I’m not simply moving the hoard. My china cabinet is not full of my good stuff, that’s been put away for years.  (I should probably sell that!) The china cabinet is full of the diner ware we use daily.

Buying diner ware was itself a way to stop the buying trap. Restaurant dishes break less than cheap china. Until I hit upon solid color diner ware for our every day dishes, we bought whole sets every 3-5 years, breaking and then eventually replacing whatever was left of the old set with a new set. These days we break less, and when we do, I can usually replace it. I can’t remember the last time I bought new dishes? Probably over 10 years ago (at least).

The problem with this, if you’re like me, is that I’ve bought diner ware that fit what I use whenever I found it. So now, instead of buying all new dishes every 3-5 years, I have too much. Answer? A STUFF BUDGET in the kitchen cabinet and a SPACE BUDGET in the attic. I will still end up with dishes to sell, but hopefully this will also stop me feeling like I “need” to buy replacements.


I tossed a bunch of supermarket game pieces and filled another target section with that and all the other culling/cleaning/tossing that’s going on around here!


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