We’re both really tired!

The predicted rain just started. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I have another full agenda.

Here’s what’s left to do:

  • load of discarded wood to get to the neighbor
  • about 3 more runs to the dump
  • I’d like to move the larger stuff/splitting collection over to the new wood pile.
  • I have to take out the viburnum next to the sun room and wanted the soil wet for that.
  • The rain will make taking out the remaining day lilies out front and on the north side easier too.
  • Panic clean the house.

I can’t actually do the last one, although I’d like to!

I may just call a charity to come and pick up a lot of stuff Monday; we’ll see? 

DH left the hatch between our basement and pantry open. There have been critters I could hear under the kitchen. One of the big problem areas is right under our kitchen window. There’s a big hole in the sill there.

I am completely creeped out by the idea that whatever critters (mice?) from the basement had access to my house/pantry for a long while today.

I CAN’T clean/purge stuff any faster . . .

and I may just have to? [I got rid of > 100 books yesterday, again. Updated the tally today. I’ve filled another section of the target, etc. I have been working HARD dammit! This is hard enough without adding panic-causing stuff like creatures to the mix.

I cannot live with a house infested with who knows what. God! I may be a hoarder but I am NOT content to live in unsanitary conditions. Stuff doesn’t bother me. CREATURES DO.


Will someone please find my hyper-drive? It looks like I’m going to need it!!!


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