We have someone coming to look

at the sills. The wood racks are in the way. One of my to do jobs all spring/summer has been to move the wood piles. I had 3 large and 1 small pile to move today.

As of right this minute, the small pile is gone, the 1st large pile is about 3/4th gone. Because this is SO labor intensive, when I get it done today, I’m going to count it as 4 cleaning/purging goals met, not one. It’s hot & humid here today, so I will NOT need to go to the wellness center for exercise. On the other hand, going to stretch my back out afterward might just be in order!

Took 2 cart fulls of wood to a neighbor, who uses my buggy, rotting (discarded) firewood in their outdoor fireplace. Each cart full is also being counted as something purged. If this is a cheat, or someone objects, they can come and haul wood around. It’s 79 degrees here with 54% humidity. Doing physical labor it feels like 80% with 90% humidity, or at least it does to me.

I’m off!



2 responses to “We have someone coming to look

  1. I’ll give you 5 credits for the wood piles, at the least.

    From age 12 to 15 my dad (and I) tore down 3 houses and hauled material from many demolition sites around town, including 1 bridge, to get material to build our house. Being the oldest & the designated gofer, I denailed the wood, cleaned the brick & repaired, cleaned, stacked, etc., all the other stuff from the time I got home from school until dark. Storms were my only reprieve. Snow on the ground… dress warmly. Summer heat… dress lightly.

    Wood is heavy and the job is very difficult/dirty/dangerous. Be careful that you don’t get splinters, drop something on your feet or fingers and alway pick up with your knees.

    And good for you for tackling it. I know plenty of women who wouldn’t even touch the stuff. 😉

    • Well, I was the only girl at home, yes? My dad had never raised a kid before. He therefore didn’t hold much with female squeemishness. Also, DH was working. The job has to get done, and coincidently, I was the person who built the original wood piles.


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