the book case didn’t go, DH had a use for it, so it’s still here.

A long-awaited home repair looks like it will be done next week — Yay!

A neighbor’s water is suddenly “brown,” so I’m doing their laundry today. While putting the first load in the washer, the plastic cover on the handle broke off! :O [No good deed . . . .] while I was fishing around trying to find the tiny piece that broke off (didn’t happen) I ended up with the access panel off, and BOY was it DIRTY in there! It got vac’d and then wiped out.  Then I noticed how dirty the space was next to the washer,and I tackled that too. The rainbow on the other side of the storm!

Also picked up some of the asst. mess on the laundry room floor, mostly dirty laundry and put it in a laundry basket. Could use another hour or so of straightening, but the laundry room looks much better than it did when I got up this a.m. so maybe my friend did ME a favor?

Today is DUMP DAY — YAY!!!

I started this a.m. deciding that I had no particular reason to keep 3 rolodexes. I had found 2 small ones last week, one our old house one, the other from the shop. The old, big one from the shop which had held business cards from contacts, etc. was cleaned out over a year ago — it had LOTS of room. The 2 small rolodexes are in the swap shop bin and the large index has all the cards I haven’t yet tossed. More cards will be tossed no doubt, but not now, too many others things to do before it gets COLD!

I also decided this a.m. that there was no particular reason for me to keep > about 6 of almost anything. Six items are enough for almost everything we do. This decision caused me to put 1 candle cup, 1 egg cup, 1 small vase in the out pile. Previously neither the egg cups nor had the vases had sold, so the 7th of each is going to the swap shop at the dump today. The candle cup hasn’t been at the antique store before, so that’s where it’s going.

I’ve also got a big vase/bottle I’m donating today too. There will be more, no doubt. I’m off to work on the laundry room some more, then who knows what I’ll find?

Have a productive day  —


P.S. I finally made my 1/2 point today. . . 5123, and counting! (Half= 5030). Got 6 months of stuff to get rid of in 3 months. (Ug!)



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