My job today . . .

is to replace the books that were sold (already researched, cataloged, tags printed) and get them to the booth. I also should pull some things out of the booth to keep the booth from looking stale. That probably means a trip to a thrift shop (for a donation).

I’ve got a short particle board bookcase I’ll take with me to donate. That will remove it from the hallway downstairs where it “landed.” DH & I had visions of using it in the shed/woodshed/attic, but that was months ago, and we’ve been moving it around/dodging it ever since. It’s time to get it outta here!
Not sure what else I’ll find. I do have some things to mail.  So there’s my day, shed stuff, shed more stuff, and shed yet MORE stuff!

Hope your day (and mine) are as productive as my planned day! We’ll see if the reality is as good as my planning? (Am I kidding?)


Also, I forgot to say yesterday, that those surveys are not only for those of us with OCD/Hoarding issues, but there’s one for family members too! See yesterday’s post for links.


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