Trying to go solar, a little

We pump our own water.

When we have a power outage (at least once a year) we also lose our running water. DH & I decided some time ago that adding a small solar array to power our well would be a good introduction into solar energy. It wouldn’t matter how long it would take to pay for itself, as the first time we lost power and still had running water, THAT would pay for the time, effort, and materials.

So, I have been poking every now and then into solar sites, trying to figure out what we have to do and how. The first thing I’ve learned is that many of the solar sites and much of the pumping information doesn’t fit our well — it’s too deep. Our well is 250 feet, much of the data I’ve found is for 230 feet, or less.

The second thing I found is that I need more information. I don’t know how much water our bladder holds (temporary holding tank) and I don’t know know how big our pump is, how much volume it moves, or how much power it uses.

In short, I don’t know what I need to. More, I have less idea how to find the answers to many of these questions!

Fortunately, we have a neighbor who’s a plumber. He’d talked to us about  our bladder at one point. I can probably ask him at least how to find the answers I need. Even if I have to pay him for an hour of his time, it would be worth it, since it would stop me from thrashing about on my own, having no idea what I need to pay attention to, and what I can ignore.



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