Sold Stuff, time to dump stuff!

The antique booth has been busy, last weekend and this week. This month so far I’ve sold 9 pieces from the house (everything from a toy train to an ice cream dish), 13 books, and 8 frames! šŸ˜€

I have been busy working on this and various writing projects. (More on that, later.)

Today is dreary and wet, and also dump day! I have at least 1 small (grocery)bag of books to go to the dump, with luck I’ll be able to double that before I go. There’s also a load of weeds next to the driveway that should go, but they’re sopping wet right now, very unappealing. So I think I’ll work some in the attic, the living room and perhaps my office between now (morning) and when the dump opens (early afternoon).

We have a friend who has antiques I’m consigning (where the frames came from) who has more frames and other stuff. I have at least one piece for him, so we may do a swap this weekend.

I have peppers to pickle, peppers to roast & freeze (for midwinter soup), and cukes to do SOMETHING with. Also I need to plant some more peas, the chipmunks keep eating my seed before I get vines! Grrrr.

I went looking yesterday for a small galvanized trash can. My first real indication of how plasticized we’ve gotten was the blank look I got from the young man I asked for a galvanized trash can? Then I said, “Metal.” and he knew what I was talking about. Another job today is to find a small, metal trash can. I will be near my local hardware store and also at least two feed stores. Hopefully, I’ll find what I want!

I need more coffee before I “officially” start my day

I updated the tally today too! 8/15/12


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