Okay, here we go . . .

again. I have to catalog books/stuff, sigh. [Did I mention that after more than a decade of doing this it is incredibly DULL, boring?]

I made myself an icon for the baby steps I’m doing. It looks like this:

The clean-up as a game requires that I also give myself visual cues: awards, consolations prizes, level achievements, the target, etc. Human beings sure are funny creatures, especially me sometimes! If it works, that’s all that counts. I’m undoing a lifetime’s worth of behaviors/stuff here, and if making little pictures helps me get it done, well it does.

The icon still needs more work, those feet are NOT baby but adult feet! It’s better than it was, but not where it needs to be, like everything in my life right now!

I updated the history and the tally pages with July’s data.

I have also gotten another section of the target done. It’s below.


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