A milestone!

The path around the edges of my living room has been cleared. Next step: emptying the two industrial totes. One has Christmas decorations in it, the other has 2 boxes of papers. When I empty those, I can then put some of the other stuff from the middle of the room into the totes. So those are next.
Then I have to deal with the books & magazines that are piled on my desk credenza. The credenza is going to go into the attic at some point, but right now it is covered with books that came out of the last box in the pathway.

That’s the next 3 small goals: clearing the 2 totes and the credenza!


4 responses to “A milestone!

  1. Woohooo!!! WTG Cuz! I have taken 3 days off my basement digging. One for a trip, two to be sick from allergies and a cold from all the digging. I will be masking from now on! We have a path in the far back of the basement, too! It’s so exciting to have a clear shot to the back. Amazingly – it is less filled back there because Daddy had it organized and stuff blocked it off since he died. I’m hoping to get that area dealt with fairly soon.

    Good luck on the credenza!

  2. Congratulations! As they say, plant a flag poll on it, salute it and defend all the gains you made tooth and nail! You rock!

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