We brought home something from the antique store

but mostly because it’s a Victorian antique, and no one knows what it is, as it’s in its two component pieces. DH decided he has a way to not permanently connect the two pieces, and then hopefully it will sell. It’s a Victorian shaving stand, without its mirror. It’s made to be a piece of furniture, but the legs separate from the drawer, and you can’t tell what it looks like as it is now.

After reconstruction, it will go back to the shop. In the meanwhile, I sold another ice cream piece. We added the white bookcase to the booth, and it has hardcovers and large paperbacks in it, so hopefully some of those will sell. I put the remaining frames on sale, and hopefully, they’ll go, as my consigner says he has more.

I haven’t touched the living room today, the first time all week. We went to the dump and the antique store. I got a pair of shoes, but we sold the ice cream piece and I donated a carton to the antique store, so I’m ahead 1.
I need to update the tally and do the month-end for July, but it’ll be a guess as I forgot to make a new list 8/1.

One thing I tell people who’re trying to dig out from under is that rather than NOT doing something, do it and add a little. For example, a load of dishes. If you haven’t got a whole load, then find something to add to it. Well, I did that this week. I emptied the china cabinet. The pieces that I could safely put in the dishwasher were washed that way, the others by hand.

When I put things back, I made myself put in all of the asst. pieces I’d had hanging around.

I’d bought this modern coffee set, and no matter what, it won’t fit. I have china in boxes destined for the attic. I have china on top of the free-standing cabinet. [ I have, as usual, more china than I can use in probably the next several years.]

So, I weeded out a Rosedawn (Johnson Bros., I think?) platter that I love but hadn’t sold, and put it back in the booth at $2. If it doesn’t sell in the next 30 days, I’ll donate it. I love it, but never use it and just don’t have the room. The modern coffee set is going to the booth too. It doesn’t really match the other china, it almost does. But I like the older stuff better. (The teacup in the title is from the old set.)

I’ve given into the idea that I’m probably going to have at least one full set of china in the attic, but that has to be it. I just can’t keep everything I like or can’t sell — there’s no room, and I want a life more than I want interesting pieces of baked clay.

I’m just funny that way —


2 responses to “We brought home something from the antique store

  1. I feel like I’m watching the wheel churning 🙂

  2. Well, that’s the idea with stream of consciousness writing, isn’t it? Anyway, yes, if I don’t think, I wind up with more stuff, more mess. With thought, I can honor myself, my need for certain types of things, without letting them overwhelm me and the house. It’s a kind of self-care I haven’t allowed myself before.

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