Boxes are still in the kitchen, but. . .

the cleared pathway through the living room has gone across the back wall and has started to come back to the front wall. I’m working on making the normal path and 3 others through the living room into a square, well rectangle, around the edges. (Then everything doesn’t have to be lifted and carried–backwards in some cases– to the front door.

Otherwise, I took something that was hanging around the living room and decided it would work better for bead storage than my last pop crate, which only kind of fit the slide boxes I’d gotten for it. The pop crate is destined for the antique store, as are 5 spice bottles that were with it and 4 glass ball/votive holders. I also tossed 3 of the slide boxes, as their lids were written on, had stickers on them, etc.

One thing I did was realize that I had a lot of “stuff” that was for eventual house projects: a door latch, the glass balls (above), a safe light, a helper bar (like for old folk), etc. I made a box for it.

When I looked in the box, I realized I’ve been buying things to make hanging lamps, and we have no place for them. There’s one ceiling that’s tall enough, it’s the stairwell and it has a hanging lamp/fan, which helps keep our bills down, as it circulates warm or cold air around the house.

Nowhere to put hanging lamps? The glass balls go to the antique store! I could stack them and put a brass rod through them for a table lamp, it’d look cool. But I have table lamps I’m not using now, so out it goes!

This is exactly the sort of stuff that has become permanent flotsam here. Pending projects, with nowhere to put it. It’s going away these days. In a box or OUT,

But  I still have to work on the attic some more so I can get those boxes out of the kitchen! (Sigh.)



2 responses to “Boxes are still in the kitchen, but. . .

  1. I LOVE the fact that you recognize that you because you can’t/won’t use it, off it goes 🙂 I have that discussion so many times, and often people simply put off that decision because “one day, maybe…”

    • I’ve done that, and well, there’s a lot of things here that are in the “some day” category. The box it up idea was a way to corral those things and make them more findable AND to see what we’ve got. One huge problem we have here is no real attic, no basement, no garage. So the usual dumping grounds for things like redecorating projects just doesn’t exist here. I have a one-room attic, which is stuffed full, mostly with books on shelves and in boxes. The bead dresser came out of the attic earlier this year.

      I have two main categories of stuff: things to catalog and sell, and things that just hang around, as they have no home. The “house projects” category is one. Another I realized is out-of-season clothing. Part of the attic redo is supposed to be a hanging bar for out of season clothes.I have a dream of how I’d like the attic to be, but about a 1/2 ton of stuff has to be gotten rid of before I can do what I’d like!

      Thanks for the encouragement, as always!


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