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Last day of the month and

tomorrow we start the LAST quarter of the year.

BOY am I behind where I need to be!!!

So my job today is to find stuff to GET RID OF. I think the most I’ve managed to get rid of in a single day is something like 300+ and many of those were papers. I can do that, but it will take the entire day, standing, and my feet won’t stand that. (No pun intended.)

So, I’ll just have to look around and see what I can find to get rid of around here that I’ve missed before?

I’m off to make breakfast and contemplate this!

P.S. I worked in the kitchen and you can see the results in today’s tally. The next time I update the tally, I’ll move August’s data to the history page. I’ve filled another section of the target btw! 😀

Want to help? (A research study)

There’s a fair amount of people who hoard and don’t know why. I’ve spent several decades in therapy, so I’m probably at least more aware of what I do/why than most. (Or,  my vanity wants me to THINK so anyway!)

Case Western University is doing a survey to try and find some answers. Info here:


Researchers at Case Western Reserve University are conducting two online studies about the relationships of individuals with OCD or hoarding.  Each study involves completing questionnaires online about relationships, emotions, OCD, and hoarding.  You must be at least 18 to participate.  Those who participate may enter into a raffle for a Target gift card.  The information gathered from this study may help to improve therapies for OCD and hoarding.

For individuals with OCD and/or hoarding:

For relatives and significant others of those with OCD and/or hoarding:


It says it takes about an hour, but it didn’t seem to take that long to me!

A question

The kitchen counter is clean (well 1/2 of it it’s 30 square feet remember?) there’s laundry going, cleanser in the tub, etc. I’ve been busy this a.m.

I’m looking for suggestions. My “stuff” is camouflage, as I’ve said. I’m looking for what makes you feel safe? The only time I remember really feeling safe was when my Dad took a corner of my room for the 2nd speakers for the stereo, built a wall around them, cabinets above and below, with hook/eye arrangements for the doors. I’m not very big.

I learned how to climb up over the back of the speaker portion, into the top cabinet. It was perfect. No one knew where I was. I could lock myself in, and because of the speaker, I could hear almost everything that was said on the top floor of the house.

For a while my husband’s arms did it, but I seem to have “out grown” that too.

So. what makes you feel safe/secure?

I updated the tally today. 8/28

Another target goal met

(See the tally page.) The new one is below. It seems unlikely that I’m going to get rid of 5,000+ items in the next 3 months, but this is what I  have done.

Trying to go solar, a little

We pump our own water.

When we have a power outage (at least once a year) we also lose our running water. DH & I decided some time ago that adding a small solar array to power our well would be a good introduction into solar energy. It wouldn’t matter how long it would take to pay for itself, as the first time we lost power and still had running water, THAT would pay for the time, effort, and materials.

So, I have been poking every now and then into solar sites, trying to figure out what we have to do and how. The first thing I’ve learned is that many of the solar sites and much of the pumping information doesn’t fit our well — it’s too deep. Our well is 250 feet, much of the data I’ve found is for 230 feet, or less.

The second thing I found is that I need more information. I don’t know how much water our bladder holds (temporary holding tank) and I don’t know know how big our pump is, how much volume it moves, or how much power it uses.

In short, I don’t know what I need to. More, I have less idea how to find the answers to many of these questions!

Fortunately, we have a neighbor who’s a plumber. He’d talked to us about  our bladder at one point. I can probably ask him at least how to find the answers I need. Even if I have to pay him for an hour of his time, it would be worth it, since it would stop me from thrashing about on my own, having no idea what I need to pay attention to, and what I can ignore.


What’s different now

1)I can see what I’ve done reflected in the house.

2)I am much less willing to keep stuff than I was, even at the beginning of this year.

3)I am thinking long-term rather than whether I like something or not: Will I want/need this in 20 years? (Almost always NO!)

Although it probably seems as if I’m just inching along here, I AM making a difference and my attitude has changed. Whether or not it’s enough for me to get to 10, 060 things out in the next 4 months remains to be seen!


P.S. I updated the tally today too!

Sold Stuff, time to dump stuff!

The antique booth has been busy, last weekend and this week. This month so far I’ve sold 9 pieces from the house (everything from a toy train to an ice cream dish), 13 books, and 8 frames! 😀

I have been busy working on this and various writing projects. (More on that, later.)

Today is dreary and wet, and also dump day! I have at least 1 small (grocery)bag of books to go to the dump, with luck I’ll be able to double that before I go. There’s also a load of weeds next to the driveway that should go, but they’re sopping wet right now, very unappealing. So I think I’ll work some in the attic, the living room and perhaps my office between now (morning) and when the dump opens (early afternoon).

We have a friend who has antiques I’m consigning (where the frames came from) who has more frames and other stuff. I have at least one piece for him, so we may do a swap this weekend.

I have peppers to pickle, peppers to roast & freeze (for midwinter soup), and cukes to do SOMETHING with. Also I need to plant some more peas, the chipmunks keep eating my seed before I get vines! Grrrr.

I went looking yesterday for a small galvanized trash can. My first real indication of how plasticized we’ve gotten was the blank look I got from the young man I asked for a galvanized trash can? Then I said, “Metal.” and he knew what I was talking about. Another job today is to find a small, metal trash can. I will be near my local hardware store and also at least two feed stores. Hopefully, I’ll find what I want!

I need more coffee before I “officially” start my day

I updated the tally today too! 8/15/12