I’ve been working on the incremental clearing of the living room & elsewhere

It’s going pretty well. My back is being fragile, which is really slowing me down. But aside from that, all the crisis seem to have passed, for the moment. The cat is definitely MUCH better, and my appts., etc. should be under control.

I have boxed up 3 medium boxes of stuff in the kitchen, things that were just hanging around with no real home. They’re destined for the attic, but in order to do that I have to clean the attic a bit first. My back is just not up to moving boxes of books, furniture, etc. around — so that’s stalled, for right now.

I’ve cataloged nearly 400 books, etc. this month. Delivered the 2nd box of a 2 box order yesterday  — another 1.13 cu ft of my life taken back and 62 books gone! 😀

DH met someone who had a recommendation for wholesaling the whole thing in one swell foop. I’m waiting to hear from the heirs of my largest consignor to see what they want me to do with his remaining stuff before I call this person. If I have to split out consignment merchandise, I can, but I need to know that up front.

Definite progress in other words! There’s a clean path into the back of the living room and slowly but surely things are being  removed, sorted, and either trashed, sold, or restored.


No matter what the numbers seem to say, this job is getting DONE.

P.S. I updated the tally tonight.


2 responses to “I’ve been working on the incremental clearing of the living room & elsewhere

  1. Atta girl!!! 🙂

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