Okay, back to work . . .

all of the crisis and shows have been resolved or are past. Time to pick up what I was doing previously: that is, getting rid of STUFF, writing, and designing our emerging home-to-be from the storage unit it has been.

Along these lines, I have a table set up under a shade tent in the yard. The idea is to spread things out for a look-see and evaluation: keep or toss? There’s a lot of stuff in this house and not much room to spread it out and see what’s here. That’s my job today. Tomorrow the cat is going to the vet (again) and it’s dump day, another reason why this is happening today. I won’t store the stuff going away any longer than necessary!

I haven’t been working at getting rid of things much this month. I haven’t even been cataloging books very much. Our cat got really sick, then I was hosting a party, and then I had a convention to go to — all major distractions. My latest distraction is another book contract, but I’m not working on that YET and I’m so far behind with purging, this is where my emphasis is going to be (at least right now)!

I apologize for the long delay between posts, but as you can tell, things have been pretty busy here recently!



2 responses to “Okay, back to work . . .

  1. A staging area, great idea! Group things together too, it’ll help you know how much you have 🙂 Good luck!

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