Still way behind,

but the cat is on the mend — if not well.

I started cataloging again. The few, pathetic books I’d done before & the new box lot of romances add up to 121 books. So, although it’s taken me a few more days (4) than I wanted it to, I’ve gotten back into the swing of things.

I went by the storage today and pulled out 4 trays of books. Two of those have been cataloged, and most of those books are in the 2nd romance lot. I sold a few books the day of the party too — I left a box at the local book dealer and picked up the remainder he didn’t want and money. When I did that, I took 3 items from the storage with me: 2 books & a calendar, which *I also sold. I have to figure out what he bought, he only told me 1 book for sure, so I have to compare the list I had for the box with what remains.It doesn’t really matter to me what he wanted, just that they’re gone!

I talked to the widow of one of my consigners today too. He was an author. She wants returned the books he wrote, but nothing else. I’m starting piles of books to be returned to consigners. If we ever empty the small boxes we  bought for the office stuff, I’ll probably use them to return consignments, they’d be perfect.

I changed my website yesterday to read that I am no longer in business, so I guess that makes it official? Although a customer of mine rents the storage unit about 3 down from mine. He said today he was looking for a few books; I gave him my email.

Other news: the robin who built her nest on the ledge over the back door had 2 chicks. One flew the nest yesterday! The smaller one is still nest bound.

So life continues . . . baby birds grow up . . . the cat’s getting better . . . the books are getting removed from storage, cataloged and banished from my life. For someone who had a major life malfunction a few days ago, that’s not too bad!



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