End of month tally & mid-year plans

Okay. My time the past 2-3 days has been taken up with a sick cat (my kid) and plans for a surprise party for my roommate. The cat has been to the vet twice, our local vet Fri morning and the emergency room Saturday night, late. This afternoon we brought her home again. She either had a stroke, has a  B vitamin deficiency or …?

So, we got home from the emergency take the cat to the vet at 2 am or so on Sunday. The surprise party, which was set up well over a month ago, was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. The cat was stable Sunday morning and I went off to the party sure I’d get home and find she’d died while we were having fun, or had gotten worse. But no, she’d been improving slowly, steadily, so we brought her home this afternoon. With luck, that trend will continue!

Anyway, with all the distractions, I did NOT get my end-of-the-month/mid-year accounting done. I’ll do that sometime today,  the tally will be current, as of 6/30. Tomorrow or the next day I’ll go through and condense one month’s data, so the tally isn’t so long and I’ll move one month to archive and start posting July’s data.

July started pretty well: I gave the emergency vet clinic 1 book, a friend took 15 at the party, and I  sold the box lot of 62 books plus one more. It’s the 2nd of the month, and I’ve sold, sent out for consideration, or donated 79 books! Not too bad!

I’ll get together another box lot for the booth, and try to make sure I always have one there for sale. If they sell in a week, that would be wonderful!

I wish we could have just left the cat where she was, I just want her to get better! [I’ll take all prayers/good vibes that way btw, with thanks.]

Stress? Naw, what stress?



6 responses to “End of month tally & mid-year plans

  1. After reading your posts for a while I am amazed at how you can keep stats on your progress and what an excellent organizational skills you possess. Both of which I lack… in fact, I would have to double and triple my detailing skills just to break even at zero. 8^D Funny how I could organize and track hundreds of items in my occupation and then do so poorly with my personal effects.

    I am trying to organize a much larger than usual project for me in a short time and it made me think about how you are managing this “changing my life by changing my space.”

    I admire your industry.

    Do you already have a list of all the books in your library or are you making a list as you go? If you don’t mind sharing do you know or have a good guess of how many books have you had in your library at its peak. My many moves have decimated my libraries time after time and I often wish I had kept a running card catalog/database just for the memories of the books I’ve read. What makes me think of this is a recent commercial on the telly making a reference to Hemingway’s “Old Man And The Sea” and showed a cropped picture of his face. I’ve enjoyed Hemingway’s stories very much and being reminded of them made me feel a pleasant whiff of nostalgia.

    I wished I’d kept the usual title/author/publisher info, a progress score like book started but abandoned, finished but boring or exciting because …, etc. I often buy a number of books at a time in advance and sometimes never really get around to reading them… what was I thinking when I bought those books?

    Have you done anything along those lines for your library, especially now that you are reducing it? Just curious.

    • Yes I have, as a matter of fact, I constructed a card catalog for my family’s science fiction paper backs as a kid. One thing I was known for in the business was knowing the author/title for 1,000s of books — and a lot of it was started w/ the 1000 or so we had at home and writing all those cards.

      Have you tried looking at library thing? librarything.com You aren’t the only one with that desire. And, I think, whether or not you have the books, librarything might give you what you’re looking for perhaps?

      My computer ate its database file, just as we closed the store, so I lost a huge chunk of the records. My current database is approx 13,000 records, but all of those aren’t unique. If I offer a book for sale and it doesn’t sell and then I donate it or sell it in a box lot, the easiest way for me to track that is to “dupe” the record and reference the 2 records to each other. So, figure about 5,000 individual pieces. Some sell in one shot, some in 5.

      I have no idea how many books I have in terms of numbers, or had. Part of the problem was that my personal collection wound up being added, as needed to the inventory — lines got blurred between “shop stock” and “my books” a lot. The data entry effort fixes some of that. Also I have consigners, so these days I’m trying to find their books and just return them.

      And, oh yeah, I had a lot of my own books! My mom met my dad by selling him books. Her first husband was an author. My dad was a voracious reader and book collector. Guess what? I read a LOT.

      Re: the organization thing? I’ve been doing this tally for years now, so I’ve had some time to figure out my methodology. I have a blank “form” that’s a notepad doc. It looks sort of like this:

      To dump (swap shop):
      to mail:
      To family/friends

      Cleaned/Put away
      Clean/purging goal met
      flash cleanup/Reveal

      Found new home/put away:
      Moved from LANDING PAD:
      Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)

      Paper Chase

      I fill in things as I go through my day/week and when I clear it out I note that too.

      It isn’t rocket science, but I’ve also been whacking away at trying to figure out what works/doesn’t for me for around 5 years — so don’t be too impressed!

      Thanks for the quesiton —


  2. “Yes, sir, Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie, I put that envelope
    under that garbage.” Arlo Guthrie, Alice’s Restaurant

    Thanks for the info on librarything.com… I am intrigued and will investigate deeper when my life gives me a rest period.

    It occurred to me that you might be able to answer a question I started asking in the 1960-1970s but gave up on years ago. Over coffee at work one day we started talking about politics and corruption and someone told us a storyline from a science fiction story that I tried hard to find at the time to no effect.

    Some society some time and some where in the universe solved the problem of corrupt politicians. There were 3 components to their solution. First, all politicians were elected for life… and given a permanent prestigious “collar of office” that identified them to all who might encounter them.

    Holding an office for life meant they never had to run for reelection and was thus unable to sell their vote for another term in office.

    Second, politicians could walk into any store anywhere and the store owner, seeing the “collar of office” would give them anything the politicians desired for free and the government paid all the bills. Apparently, after a generation or two, no politician would seek ostentation due to peer pressures and the cost to the people for this perquisite was nominal.

    Therefore, greed that might corrupt a politician is taken off the table.

    Finally, regularly held votes of confidence allowed citizens to let elected officials know what their constituents felt about their performance. A bad mark or two was not deeply troublesome, especially if the politician did a mid-course correction.

    However, repeated failures to do the people’s business as they wished would cause the “collar of office” to explode and a special election was held to elect a new politician for a life term.

    So, my question is, do you know of this storyline, title or author? I am so curious to read the story. If not, can you tell me where to go to ask?

  3. Cool! Thank you so much for taking the time.

    • You’re welcome! I sent it around to a few people I know. So far 1 says it “sounds familiar” but nothing else. The other said that it didn’t ring any bells. We’ll see how the others respond. If the email doesn’t work, I’ll try facebook.

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