Slowing Down…

I’ve cataloged onlly 74 books today, and I’m just feeling brain dead/tired. I have nearly all (minus about 14) books for one of the box lots ready to go. That will be nice, when it goes (Sunday? I hope!) it will free up 1.13 cubic feet of my life, and approx 77 books will be gone, forever.


But in the meantime, tonight? Tonight I’m tired of cataloging, tired of handling books, tired of the mess, tired of the endless memory lane that goes with handling the old store stock: an endless youtube in my head of customers, shows, authors, sales, collectors, etc.

Someone bought 3 books and a flower frog.Β  Four more things gone!

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I’m going to finish up this box lot and perhaps deliver it. Then check to make sure I have all the groceries I need. Then I think I’ll get DH to help me finally get the white book case out of here.

I have plans for Monday, a need to make a cake for a birthday later this week. Monday’s the easiest day for me to do this.

I’m tired!

Books, etc. processed since 6/15/12 = 463 which works out to about 58 a day. That’s about what I expected with the 100 every other day goal. I’ve skewed that today, but wanted to get the box lot done. Ah well — there’s always tomorrow!


4 responses to “Slowing Down…

  1. Congratulations! Keep on bookin’! πŸ™‚

    • I got up to 500 today — and quit for a while. I have a full week of other things: taxes, scheduled appts., etc. that I have to do. I succeeded in getting one wholesale box ready to go, the booth has no books that have been there > 1 month, and I proved to myself I can do this. But I’m not a machine and I DO have other things to do!

      Thanks for the comment and encouragement, as always!


      • That’s always true. Although you feel motivated, it’s good to maintain balance at the same time πŸ™‚

      • Yes, and the various issues that got me here abuse, PTSD, etc. calm down with the change in activity, so more gets done in the long run, although it seems bizarre to many people that I work so hard, then quit! πŸ˜€

        I’ve learned that it does no good to “beat myself up” about how much I do/what I do — in fact it does harm, as I slow down.



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