By the time I added the 50+ books in the box lot

and other stuff, there’s just about exactly another 100 pieces out today too. I pulled hardcovers/large format paperbacks out, most of those are being donated. The small, rack-size paperback science fiction/fantasy/horror are being wholesaled. The other small paperbacks will be taken to the dump’s swap shop or donated elsewhere, tomorrow or Sunday, I hope. Monday at the latest.Having gotten to the point where I’ve “given up” trying to sell the things, then my job is to get them OUT OF HERE with as little handling on my part as possible.

Don’t expect this level of effort is going to last much longer! The spinner is STUFFED, the shelves are pretty full. Until we get the white bookcase into the booth, I have nowhere else to put any more books in the booth.

Nicely, as I was leaving this afternoon, there was a woman there looking at the spinner, two books in her hand. GRIN! [I hope she found a dozen more!]


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