Cards, Day #2

Well, the cards work, sort of. Or, they would work, if my feet did!

What I had left as of when I went to bed last night was 30 mins on the 45 minute job (dead corner of the kitchen) and all of the hour job (back living room). Even with starting/stopping the timer yesterday (and this a.m., I’ve still got 15 mins left of the 45 minute job and all of the hour job outstanding. I got the laundry done and both 30 minute jobs and the 15 minute job, but not the two longer ones.

With exercise, icing, heat, etc. my foot still hurts. Hard to stand on a hard floor, for any period of time to do anything. We had left over Southern chili, for dinner, as an example. I’d done some cooking earlier (made a pastry thing) but that was all the standing I was up for, cooking wise.

The short-term answer is that I’m going to pull cards for today, and give myself all weekend to both finish up yesterday’s cards but also do the new ones. The long-term answer is probably that I’ll give myself one 45 minute or hour job, every 2 days, instead of 1 each, daily. Since it seems that I can stand/work in 30 minute spates, I’ll plan for that.

Anything is better than nothing!



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