Monthly Archives: June 2012

So, here’s what I’ve gotten done this week, so far:

  • Did the banking and marketing.
  • Delivered the box lot.
  • Took 32 more books to the antique store (2 trips, Tues & Fri).
  • Worked out once.
  • Took the cat to the vet.
  • Sold 20 books & a plate at the antique store.

Progress on the offices is non-existent, but the other stuff is getting done.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I have no agenda that I know of. Starting the office clean up is a good idea! I do have some things to get to the post office as well. Thursday I have 2 appointments . . . Friday I have one.


This week

I have 2 appointments: tax person & a doctor’s appt. I also need to go work out, at least twice. I’ve been sitting in front of a computer too much and eating too much. Despite long jaunts in the garden and many trips up/down the stairs, I’m gaining weight.

I have to go to the market & banks. I have things to mail. I have the box lot to deliver.

In the middle of all of the cataloging, I got the surface of the new graphics table sorted out. It’s not cleared, but there’s a lot less misc. “stuff” on it. I’ve started to unpack the boxes in the living room. And I hit a major snag.

Before I can remove the boxes of stuff from the living room, I have to get both offices picked up. The line of boxes in the living room that are next on the “tackle” list are things that were removed from both offices: books, files, equipment, art work, etc. All of which needs to be sorted and stored, if it’s going away and it’s worth $, it needs to be appraised, cataloged, tagged and taken to the booth, or trashed/donated out of here.

This is the same process as the books go through, but the sort and appraisal is not as clear cut. The only really clear cut part of this is that no matter what, the offices have to be cleaned up, so we can figure a SPACE BUDGET for them and then decide what stuff stays or goes. Cleaning each office will likely take me 2 days  — and I have other things on the agenda this week. So, if I’m lucky? Next Monday I’ll have the offices cleaned!

One step forward — two steps back — one step forward…