Did it Work?

Mostly… What didn’t work?

My downstairs office counter isn’t clean. Why? Well, for one thing it will take a lot longer to clear it/put away everything on it, etc. than one hour. Secondly, I have planar fascitis [sic], which means I can’t stand very long without it being intensely painful. I broke the hour up into 20-25 minute intervals, and instead of trying to empty the counter as well as filing and/or cataloging, I sheeted receipts that were waiting for that to happen on the counter. Something I can stop midway.

On the other hand, doing the “clean the counter” and “paperwork” as a single hour instead of 2 got me off my feet that much sooner. Less pain, which means less aspirin and less icing/heat treatments. I will not apologize!

Aside from that “wrinkle” I did this, didn’t panic, and don’t feel “pushed.” My house also didn’t magically become clean, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen. For this to work, it will take repeated efforts like today. I’m going to go get an ice pack for my foot, and some ice cream for me. Not a complete success perhaps, but not a failure.

I did 2 loads of laundry, put them away.

I got all the clean clothes in the laundry room dealt with that had been heaped on top of the washer/dryer. I worked in the attic. [Found an old notebook with a bunch of unused, custom shop receipts in it (not filled out). They all got recycled. (Paper chase!)]

I went to the dump. I went to the hardware store. I planted seed in the veggie garden. I put up strings for the peas already planted in the veggie garden. I sheeted receipts on my office counter. I filed/dealt with > 100 pieces of paper.

Not too bad! I wonder what cards I’ll pull tomorrow?


My cards for today (5/31) are laundry, put away laundry, play, paperwork, catalog (the usual) AND kitchen dead corner (45 mins), back living room (1 hr), upstairs office desk (15 mins), kitchen desk (30 mins) and entry (30 mins).


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