What to do?

I was nasty to someone who didn’t deserve it. Worse, it was someone I’d just met and they were trying their best to do something and I chided them (or thought I did) about how long it was taking. I didn’t realize until after I’d made my “joking” remark that what I’d said could also be taken as a variant on “You’re doing what you’re doing wrong or badly.”

I know how that feels, to try your best and have someone say to you, “What you’re doing isn’t right or enough.” It hurts.

I didn’t know what to do? Decided that I had to apologize, and not surprisingly, the person I’d been nasty to moved away from me in such a way that I couldn’t approach her.

What to do?

I left, but it bothered me and I felt I HAD to own up to my carelessness and apologize. I went to the market for an apology card. Because of Mother’s Day, the only such cards were for either BFF’s and/or lovers – both wildly inappropriate for someone I’d just met.

I got a plant gift card, you know the small cards/envelopes, and wrote an apology. Inadequate, but it was all I had.

I fucked up. I admitted it. I apologized.

Still feels like I should do more.

What to do?


4 responses to “What to do?

  1. I think you did your best to fix it. Anything more is up to them.

  2. Wait. You’ve apologized, and the ball is now in her court. You didn’t intend to offend. So learn, and remember for next time.

  3. Yes, I’d sort of gotten there too. I can’t do any more. I screwed up. I admitted it, I said it was something I shouldn’t have done and was sorry. What else I can do at this point is …? Still, it haunts me. This person didn’t deserve what they got.


    • Unfortunately, sometimes people get the brunt of our frustrations. I understand that you don’t want this person thinking that that is the “true you”, as first impressions make a huge impact. Hopefully the card will resonate with them…

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