More Cooking for $1 a Day

A guy actually did this a couple of years ago. The blog can be found here:

The website is a wonderful resource, but I never would eat what he did. Some of it was okay, but some was not. Also, in the interest of de-hoarding, I would never buy the quantity of  foods, etc. he did, just to get whatever benefit (even if it’s just donations). Extreme couponing should talk to him, if they haven’t already!

I’m more interested in eating home-made meals CHEAPLY, trading my time/labor for well-made, real food rather than whatever is on sale, I can get coupons for, etc. I’m also not interested in more prefab food, but in a good deal less! If that means that my cheap meals cost $5 during the winter, that’s okay. If I can with the garden’s help, get them down to less than that in the spring/summer/fall — I’ll accept that.

Along this line, I bought 2 cookbooks Wednesday both from McCall’s both large format paperbacks: Luscious Low Cost Cooking and Practically Cookless Cookbook. I’ve wanted a cookless cookbook for some time, so I was intrigued. It seems to be mostly add this and that prefab thing together and serve it, not my cuppa. I’ll look a little harder before I toss it on the resale stack. The low cost cooking book will get more examination. We’ll see.

I was busy, busy, busy yesterday (Thursday) and I have a lot to do today, so catching up April’s de-hoarding goal may wait a bit. Also, got up this a.m. with my back hurting so I took Motrin (breakfast of champions, isn’t it?) and decided that today wouldn’t start with me roaring out of here at 8 a.m., as planned.


Note: If you’re interested in the de-hoarding effort. I set up a history page today and moved April’s data into it. See the history tab above if you’re wondering where it all went!


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