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Hmm I need to do a bit more learning

I tried to make the tally an “aside” and assumed (apparently wrongly) that it would put it on the column to the right or left of the main text. No.

So I have more figuring out to do. BLAST!



It’s nice to be home!

One thing I had while away was pasta, butter, pesto, and salt & pepper. Sounds plain, but it was yummy (very little butter). I came home craving a white pizza. Not sure what’s up with that, except the pasta reminded me how much I really like pesto?

Re hoarding, etc. I’ve been doing really well at acquiring stuff, and not so well at getting rid of it. I think in order to both stock the booth and keep up with the goal this year I will have to file every single bit of paper here that needs it, or I’ll never catch up/make my goal.

I woke up this morning with my back & one thigh being twitchy. So I dosed myself accordingly and of course haven’t gotten much done today. Well, I got part of 3 shirts disassembled, but that project is temporarily on hold – I have to do some more measuring before proceeding.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on, not much I’m afraid!

Did you go to church today? Work? Did you have the day off? As a non-Catholic, I was never exactly sure what Good Friday was about, or  Ash Wednesday, or Fat Tuesday for that matter . . . .

Have a good one –


P.S. I’ll apologize for any typos right now and save myself the time later. Didn’t sleep well, don’t feel all that good, etc. you’ll just have to forgive me,


old 8290 82.4% new 8236 81.8% (1824 things gone)

I’m getting sick, I’m afraid

no new post today. Tomorrow, I promise.

Happy Good Friday to those who celebrate same tomorrow!


And the week begins . . .

I’ve been filing papers like mad! If I have time this morning, I’ll file 50 more and at least get to where I should have been 2/29 – that will be a relief!

I have a periodic job I do away, and I’m off to go do that today.

If I’m really organized, I’ll take the briefcase I have for such things full of receipts, notebook paper, etc. all the tools I need to sheet receipts, so the de-hoarding effort won’t entirely stop whilst I’m gone. But I have around 1,000 things to do after I pick up my rental car, so I make no promises!

Have a GREAT Monday everyone –


P.S. The new appliance repair guy was here this morning. Let’s hope we’ll get our fridge fixed, eventually (or replaced?).

I took the briefcase with me, and the fridge is NOT fixed!

Monday = 70 (paperchase) old 8394, New 8324 82.7%

Tuesday = 21 (mostly paperchase) old 8324, new 8303 82.5%