Weekend Plans and Not-So Planned

We have a food contribution to make for a get together, so I had to make it. I settled on dip/sliced cheese & crackers and oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies.

When I went to the market for the ingredients, I found fresh fava beans on sale .49 a lb. I’ve never cooked with fresh favas, but protein-rich food for .49 a lb, fresh? You bet I grabbed it. Also had asparagus marked down to $1.99 a lb. I thought about it and checked the frozen food aisle, just to make sure I wasn’t making more work for myself, but NOT saving us money. The frozen vegetables I found were $4.00+/lb, so freezing my own for $1.99/lb is a bargain!

Now I have 3 bunches of asparagus to process and a LOT of fava beans and the food to make. With luck I’ll be done before 3 and I can go run errands.

I’ve never prepared fresh fava beans, I went looking for instructions and found some at a blog called affairsofliving.com.  Really interesting blog, I’ve already recommended it to two friends.

The cookies and errands got nixed; I’m working on the house as much as I can today. {The dip is made.)

I’m going to see how much I can get done on the house projects this weekend. There’s a BUNCH of them, and now of course they include processing the beans & asparagus too! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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