And the week begins . . .

I’ve been filing papers like mad! If I have time this morning, I’ll file 50 more and at least get to where I should have been 2/29 – that will be a relief!

I have a periodic job I do away, and I’m off to go do that today.

If I’m really organized, I’ll take the briefcase I have for such things full of receipts, notebook paper, etc. all the tools I need to sheet receipts, so the de-hoarding effort won’t entirely stop whilst I’m gone. But I have around 1,000 things to do after I pick up my rental car, so I make no promises!

Have a GREAT Monday everyone –


P.S. The new appliance repair guy was here this morning. Let’s hope we’ll get our fridge fixed, eventually (or replaced?).

I took the briefcase with me, and the fridge is NOT fixed!

Monday = 70 (paperchase) old 8394, New 8324 82.7%

Tuesday = 21 (mostly paperchase) old 8324, new 8303 82.5%


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