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Been whittling away at it, cataloged some books, filed some papers

Not much exciting going on here today. It’s too hot to attempt anything really ambitious! The most exciting thing I did all day was invent a corn relish: 1 can Goya black beans, rinsed, 1 can Green Giant niblets corn, drained, 1 can Green Giant SW style corn, drained, 1 can Green Giant Mexicorn, drained, 1 can (?) chopped chilis. It’s not bad, but it made TOO much for just the 2 of us for a single meal, so we’ll be nibbling on that for a bit.

I’m off running errands all morning tomorrow, so we’ll see what, if anything, I manage to get accomplished otherwise?

Have a good weekend everyone!


12 things gone, new 8692 86.4%


I spent a lot of time on the badge today and the garden

I planted over 100 bulbs last fall. It seems that the chippers, squirrels, & mice ate ALL the small bulbs! The larger bulbs are coming up though. This is part of the re-arrange the garden project, which includes getting stairs put in (done), fixing one small retaining wall (done), taking out a tree, fixing the larger retaining wall, finish laying the path stones, AND turn the area on one side of the path into a flower garden.

The flower garden will be bulbs or perennials. The idea is to make LESS work, use less gasoline, be more attractive. And, if I need to, I can move the perennial vegetable garden here too. The walking onions, potato onions horseradish, rhubarb, etc. would not be amiss in this part of the yard. There are already hostas (a gift from a neighbor) some columbine, and some crane’s bill there around the edges. I may even transplant some of the wild violets from the other side of the house?

The garden redo is like the house redo. I want designated areas: pathways, vegetable garden, etc. I need it to be this formal if I’m going to add chickens and maybe a rabbit? Those plans are completely up in the air at the moment, just ideas.

The idea is to have public spaces and utilitarian private spaces, and also some private sacred spaces.

I’ve worked on the badge a fair amount today. I can show you a “sketch” but it’s still not quite finished. This is more a concept drawing. My original idea was to put numbers in triangles in the center and only color areas where I had activity. Not sure how this is going to work just yet, but it’s getting there! In the meantime, I have a pretty target I guess?

Ah well, good thing I’m getting things done these days, because without a camera this blog could be just boring!

Daily tally 7 things out 8704 96.4% (No paper chase.)


If you can’t find it, make it! (Well, maybe.)

I spent a lot of today out and about at a library, the antique store, at a thrift shop, etc. I looked at cookbooks in a bookstore, nothing of interest. All newer, less calories, high-gloss photos books…grilling…be a happy vegetarian. Blah. I have all that sort of thing I want. There was one book on budget family meals, but I have loads of those too. What I want is the book I’m writing. And why am I writing it? Because I can’t find it — that’s why brother!

What do I want? A shopping guide, a cooking guide, a money-saving guide

1) Information by month, seasonal foods, not just produce: Meats, canned goods, dairy. Also non-food sale calendar.

2)Information by fresh food item, what’s in a bushel? what’s in a wholesale lot? How to save $, how to cook most economically.

3)Comparison info, for example, if chicken thighs are $1 a lb and whole breast, with skin & bones, is $2 a lb and turkey breast with bone & skin is $2.50 a lb, which is the better deal if you 1)intend to use bone/skin to make broth? or 2)if you intend to only use the meat and discard everything else?

4)Very long term storage foods, when they’re likely on sale (see #1) what to do with them if you don’t want to cook (many of these are grains, rice, wheat, etc).

5)Leftover flow. What do you do with potato water (make bread/doughnuts, soup) or whey from making mozzarella (make ricotta, I think…it may be make ricotta then make mozzarella?) or pasta water or flour dregs or…

Dibs & dabs. I love left over cookbooks, but frequently they talk about the 1/2 a chicken you have left. I don’t need help with that! I need help when I have 1 drumstick, 2 small potatoes, and an onion! Do  I make onion gravy, use the bone to help flavor it, pull the cooked meat off the bone, chop it and serve it with gravy over the potatoes, or is there something better I can do? make potato soup with chicken bits? How do I know? (I think this is unanswerable, as it depends on the skills of the cook, the season, the size of their family, and how much food they actually have.)

6)Where do I go to find any/all of these? Over the years I have found many, many sources for some of them, but that means many websites, books, people, etc. Not very convenient!

I spent part of tonight working on the badge thing so I won’t inflict the tallies on people any more! The photoshop we’ve got won’t do it. Maybe open office draw will, it certainly looks at least feasible with that. I played with it until I started to get snarly. DH had to help me initially, I certainly wouldn’t have accomplished a darn thing without him.

I got rid of 3 more things than I bought today, which gives me 8711, and 85.5% for today. (Yes, I did a paper chase, which is included.)


Daily Tally

Should hae been 8344 82.9% 2/29 (1716 things gone)



To dump (trash):a shirt, a bra, cat box=3

Returned: 1 bottle of oil
Moved from LANDING PAD: desk, table base/top
pantry consolidation 1=4

Paper Chase

Bought: cat box, oil dry=-2

today 22-2=20

old 8714 86.6%
new 8694 86.4% (1366 things gone)

needs to be 7559, which is 2502 things gone
by 3/31 (24.9% of the year’s done, 91st day)

Where’s the reset button?

Okay, fridge repair guy comes again this a.m. and the kitchen was a mess. So I got up to work on the kitchen. Started the water for coffee, emptied/cleaned the coffee pot. Before I got the coffee ground & added to the pot, DH came in, so he finished making the coffee.

When when he poured it looked disgusting? These little things floating in it. Looked like my coffee does when I try & use dry milk, but he uses dry milk all the time, so?  After some discussion,  he asked me if I’d added new water to the kettle or emptied it first?

Added it.

Ah! He’d had vinegar in the kettle to clean it.


I wanna go back to bed! Where’d I put that reset button?

If I could just get a decent cup of coffee, I might wake up, and I’d be fine.

No, wait . . . .

Changing the way I do this?

Okay. I stopped doing daily tallies because frankly, it’s boring to read. [Boring to write too!] BUT without them I just don’t think I can actually do this. The reason I wanted to go to a badge was so that I can do a tally post daily AND not bore my readers 1/2 to death.

The badge idea, unless I want to spend hours making the thing every day needs the Silhouette machine. I can set up a template on a computer, figure it out on a daily basis and then just print it. Anyway, that’s the plan. (You know what happens to plans.)

Here’s a tally. Despite the fact that my “to the dump” bin is FULL, it isn’t enough to make a dent. If I did the 35 things out like I list here, daily? Yah, that adds up to around 250 a week.

DH bought me a mini version of Photoshop for other things I want to do: scan books, old cards, etc. I’ll see if I can’t come up with a “template” that I can use there. If I can, then I can use my badge idea without having to buy the Silhouette (win?) and it will help me learn the Photoshop stuff I need to anyway.

Haven’t done that yet, sorry, this is just a boring tally!
needed to be 8344 82.9% 2/29 (1716 things gone)

To dump (swap shop): 2 trays, 2 stone containers, plastic drawer thing, colander, bowl
To dump (trash):
Sold: 1 book, 2 plates, 1 decorative thing, 1 tin bank, 1 flower frog
flash cleanup 2
Reveal 3

Donated: wine carrier
Used: 4 pcs PVC pipe

Returned: rug, gravy boat, bowl, inscense burner, box, bag
pantry consolidation 2

Paper Trail
3/12/12-3/14/12 0 (not home) 3/15/12-3/16/12, 3/18/12 0
3/17/12 17

Bought: bucket, 5 pcs PVC pipe, 1 roll plastic, 1 robe, 2 suits,
1 sweater, adjustment from last tally 3
From storage:
To a landing pad:

today 18+5+8+17-13=48-13=35

old 8749 86.9%
new 8714 86.6% (1346 things gone)

needs to be 7559, which is 2502 things gone
by 3/31 (24.9% of the year’s done, 91st day)

An unexpected surprise!

We dug out the popsicle table base, its top, and in the process both found the rack for the saved spice bottles (Remember those? I saved them as a part of the office cleanup, they’re in a LANDING PAD.) and DH’s old office typing table. We bought this when we were first married and he was still using it when we moved in here, so it was used for at least 10 years. It’s probably been in storage for that amount of time too.

Both of us had forgotten that it was still around. When we moved the various bits we had to to get to the popsicle table base, we found both the spice bottle rack AND this desk, so both are going to the antique store today. Yay!!! More stuff outta here, no $ spent, more room… a total WIN!

This was a great way to start my day. You?