What to cook? Or, the impact of a temporary/not fridge

One big problem the smaller “loaner” fridge is that  I’m just used to having more room. I’m used to having enough room that I have a leftover shelf and bin.

I tend to buy food nearly in bulk when I can to save $, and we happily eat leftovers for about 3 days,[after that even we get bored.] So the loaner fridge is STUFFED full of food and it’s more disorganized than my normal. At first I wasn’t worried about this, we’d just thrown out nearly all the fresh foods we had, even the loaner was only 1/2 full. We kept thinking that the “real” fridge would be fixed, soon, so I didn’t plan where I put anything, just stuffed it in. I don’t think it needs a major purge, I’ve been good about using up or tossing stuff as it needed it, but it’s full.

My main job today is to use up or transform what’s in the fridge.

STEP ONE: in the crock pot, butter & chopped onions ->caramelized onions

STEP TWO: Pick the chicken, chop the meat and make

chicken salad? Enchiladas? Hash! [It will also uses the roasted veggies that are with the chicken.]

I can add some of the caramelized onions and carrots and the green peppers to the hash.

After the onions are done, put the chicken carcass, some onion, celery, etc. in the crock and make broth [Do I have enough quart jars? ]

STEP 2A: Make broth in the crock pot

STEP THREE: Roast peppers

STEP FOUR: Grate the cheese and make cheese biscuits. If we’re low on bread this will get DH off my back.

Final addition: carrot/parsnip salad

Only problem with making this is that it uses the food processor, a pain to haul out/set up/clean. I expect I’ll use it for the cheese biscuits anyway, so if I use it for the salad first, the food processor will already be out and set up. Cleaning it between the salad and biscuits is less work than setting it up for just one task.

STEP 3A: Grate carrots/parsnips for salad (Cut carrot sticks for dinner.)

Okay, where am I?

Lunch LO quiche, maybe carrot/parsnip salad
Dinner chicken hash, carrot sticks

Prepped ingredients back into fridge/freezer

caramelized onions
chicken broth
roasted peppers
carrot/parsnip salad
cheese biscuits (freezer)

I need to buy less food, or use more right after I buy it or make a meal from it; this is a marathon for someone who isn’t fond of being in the kitchen for > 30 minutes!. Fortunately, most of these I’ve made often enough, except the cheese biscuits, I won’t have to resort to a cookbook.

This also sets part of tomorrow’s menu – roasted pepper soup, using the peppers & some/all of the broth, the biscuits, and some kind of custard something.

Daily tally, 25 things out, 0 in (20 paper chase, 5 pcs clothing out). 8638 -25 = 8613 85.6%


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