I spent a lot of time on the badge today and the garden

I planted over 100 bulbs last fall. It seems that the chippers, squirrels, & mice ate ALL the small bulbs! The larger bulbs are coming up though. This is part of the re-arrange the garden project, which includes getting stairs put in (done), fixing one small retaining wall (done), taking out a tree, fixing the larger retaining wall, finish laying the path stones, AND turn the area on one side of the path into a flower garden.

The flower garden will be bulbs or perennials. The idea is to make LESS work, use less gasoline, be more attractive. And, if I need to, I can move the perennial vegetable garden here too. The walking onions, potato onions horseradish, rhubarb, etc. would not be amiss in this part of the yard. There are already hostas (a gift from a neighbor) some columbine, and some crane’s bill there around the edges. I may even transplant some of the wild violets from the other side of the house?

The garden redo is like the house redo. I want designated areas: pathways, vegetable garden, etc. I need it to be this formal if I’m going to add chickens and maybe a rabbit? Those plans are completely up in the air at the moment, just ideas.

The idea is to have public spaces and utilitarian private spaces, and also some private sacred spaces.

I’ve worked on the badge a fair amount today. I can show you a “sketch” but it’s still not quite finished. This is more a concept drawing. My original idea was to put numbers in triangles in the center and only color areas where I had activity. Not sure how this is going to work just yet, but it’s getting there! In the meantime, I have a pretty target I guess?

Ah well, good thing I’m getting things done these days, because without a camera this blog could be just boring!

Daily tally 7 things out 8704 96.4% (No paper chase.)



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