Changing the way I do this?

Okay. I stopped doing daily tallies because frankly, it’s boring to read. [Boring to write too!] BUT without them I just don’t think I can actually do this. The reason I wanted to go to a badge was so that I can do a tally post daily AND not bore my readers 1/2 to death.

The badge idea, unless I want to spend hours making the thing every day needs the Silhouette machine. I can set up a template on a computer, figure it out on a daily basis and then just print it. Anyway, that’s the plan. (You know what happens to plans.)

Here’s a tally. Despite the fact that my “to the dump” bin is FULL, it isn’t enough to make a dent. If I did the 35 things out like I list here, daily? Yah, that adds up to around 250 a week.

DH bought me a mini version of Photoshop for other things I want to do: scan books, old cards, etc. I’ll see if I can’t come up with a “template” that I can use there. If I can, then I can use my badge idea without having to buy the Silhouette (win?) and it will help me learn the Photoshop stuff I need to anyway.

Haven’t done that yet, sorry, this is just a boring tally!
needed to be 8344 82.9% 2/29 (1716 things gone)

To dump (swap shop): 2 trays, 2 stone containers, plastic drawer thing, colander, bowl
To dump (trash):
Sold: 1 book, 2 plates, 1 decorative thing, 1 tin bank, 1 flower frog
flash cleanup 2
Reveal 3

Donated: wine carrier
Used: 4 pcs PVC pipe

Returned: rug, gravy boat, bowl, inscense burner, box, bag
pantry consolidation 2

Paper Trail
3/12/12-3/14/12 0 (not home) 3/15/12-3/16/12, 3/18/12 0
3/17/12 17

Bought: bucket, 5 pcs PVC pipe, 1 roll plastic, 1 robe, 2 suits,
1 sweater, adjustment from last tally 3
From storage:
To a landing pad:

today 18+5+8+17-13=48-13=35

old 8749 86.9%
new 8714 86.6% (1346 things gone)

needs to be 7559, which is 2502 things gone
by 3/31 (24.9% of the year’s done, 91st day)


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