An unexpected surprise!

We dug out the popsicle table base, its top, and in the process both found the rack for the saved spice bottles (Remember those? I saved them as a part of the office cleanup, they’re in a LANDING PAD.) and DH’s old office typing table. We bought this when we were first married and he was still using it when we moved in here, so it was used for at least 10 years. It’s probably been in storage for that amount of time too.

Both of us had forgotten that it was still around. When we moved the various bits we had to to get to the popsicle table base, we found both the spice bottle rack AND this desk, so both are going to the antique store today. Yay!!! More stuff outta here, no $ spent, more room… a total WIN!

This was a great way to start my day. You?



6 responses to “An unexpected surprise!

  1. Today Michael is moving to OK so, voila! less stuff here! So in the midst of all the joys and sadness, you gave me one more way to look at this. It seems there is no end to the way you can look at the changes in your life!


    • Guess not. Seems like a long time ago, someone very close to me got me to do that. I’d “confessed” all the bad stuff and you looked at me and said, “Am I supposed to hate you now?” (Well, yeah, I thought you would, but you didn’t did you? I am GLAD!)

      He got a job in OK I expect? Tell him Hello from me. He’s the only one of you that’s not my friend on FB so I never know what’s up with him!


  2. The cool thing besides refinding is you have history & already know you like them. πŸ™‚

    I know this is a rather crass way to do this – but THANK YOU!

    The mail came Friday bearing all sorts of Flutterby’s!!! I was especially thrilled by the Cosgrove book. I have wanted that book a long time & never stumbled on it. Thank you very much Cuz!!! It really made my evening when I opened the package.

  3. You are welcome! πŸ˜€

    It took that long? Wow. I sent it 2 weeks ago? Of course you’ve been having nasty weather and the usps is cutting back but still… I just figured you were so irked about the mobile you HAVEN’T got that the others didn’t warrant comment! Or, you’d sent a thanks and I’d missed it.

    Glad you like them! Now if I could just find the other pieces of your mobile, that’s lost in the kitchen (I think)…I could send you that too!


    • Silly Cuz! Why would I be irked? We are so similar I almost always get it. I have my life placed in “safe” places. Damned if I know where they are – they are safe from me.

      We are losing our USPS distribution center soon. I imagine the length of time to get/send mail will increase. Two weeks is NOT unusual from East Coast – I have had other people remark on it.

      • Gotcha!

        Don’t know how/if our USPS will be affected yet. There’s one sorting/distribution station for the entire state as far as I know. They can’t close that, the governor and newspaper wouldn’t get their mail! (cynic, cynic)

        I think the usps thing will continue, until people complain, and I expect they will,mightily. Or, it will be cause for a lawsuit, or something. We’ll see!
        Personally, I’d like to cut the congress critters’ salaries to make up the USPS deficit, I actually get something for my $ at the post office!

        Glad you’re not irked and that things are okay, or relatively speaking. (The pun was unintentional, but I’ll TAKE it!)


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