The repaired fridge… isn’t (with new data)

The freezer, 12+ hours after the repair guy left, is 70 degrees…. wtf.

DH is talking to Whirlpool as I write this and asking for a replacement fridge, period. I’ve no gripe with the repair guy, but we bought the thing 11/26/11, and it quit at the beginning of 2/12; it’s been dead for 2 months of the 6 we’ve now owned it.

We thought this was the last fridge we’d ever buy. Not that it’d be a headache for 2 months, within 6 months of when we bought it! Sigh.

The tech is rescheduled to come out Monday. Whirlpool won’t authorize a replacement until the tech has seen the unit three times.

Okay, shot three at it is Monday!

What we just went through, although it took 1.5 months, was 1 time: diagnosis, parts, repair. Okey dokey! When they told me that it was the first time I really almost got MAD. But okay, the guy come back Monday. If he can fix it then, then that’s the 2nd call. If he has to order parts, it’s still the 2nd time, until he puts those parts in. THEN we have to do it one more time before they’ll authorize a replacement.

If DH and myself hadn’t both been in customer service/retail as long as we have we would have been screaming our heads off by now. First the part was back ordered. Then they sent it to Alaska. Yesterday it got repaired, but it doesn’t work.

  • wtf!–

We may have a nonworking refrigerator for six more months, if this keeps going. We bought it the end of Nov. It died the beginning of Feb. and it will be July???

God I hope it’s before that. We got this fridge because I wanted to store more food. The “loaner” we’ve got is smaller than what we bought, and we tossed $300? worth of food when ours died. I STILL want to store more food, and now I’m storing less.


2 responses to “The repaired fridge… isn’t (with new data)

  1. is it one of those new ‘fancy’ fridges with a motherboard and whatnot? Those are considered practically disposable as far as I know. Before we moved here in July, we were sort of fridge-shopping because 99% of apartments in Greece don’t come with fridges, and we were despairing of finding any of the ‘old fashioned’ kind that don’t break. We lucked out though; this apartment comes with an old GE fridge that’s at least 15 years old and looks like it will last forever. My parents’ fridge is from 1975 and is still in perfect condition and has never needed repair. But all my friends my age who put nice new fridges in their homes have had nothing but headaches. I hope you get it sorted out quickly!!

  2. Yep, it’s a new one. Full of eco-friendly features. The old fashioned ones use more energy and leak freon, but we had our old one > 20 years too. The ones we had before that we bought used. It’d been easier if we’d just bought a stand-alone freezer for the extra freezer space,a lot of the reason we bought what we did. We wanted a side by side, and a larger freezer. It had to fit a turkey. Well, it fits a turkey, but doesn’t work. Somehow, that seems pretty silly now.

    Thanks for the comment. We hope it gets sorted out soon too!

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