Fridge gets fixed (we hope!) today :D

and that can mean a marathon cooking session. I stopped at the co-op on the way home and picked up some bulk stuff.

But again, where the hoarding/cooking intersect? The kitchen has to be cleaned and the area around “our” fridge needs to be cleared so that the guy can fix it!  Hopefully, that won’t be too hard. What he has to do is apparently extensive, but with luck it’ll go smoothly.

Anyone out there make gluten wheat/meat? I’ve done it once, it was okay, but it was a total pain to make. I have a new (to me) cookbook that talks about using gluten a lot and I thought I’d try it again.


Today’s tentative dinner menu: wheat/meat (something) and roasted pepper soup (if the peppers are still here and edible; I’ve been gone for a few days, we’ll see!)



4 responses to “Fridge gets fixed (we hope!) today :D

  1. Never made wheat meat but i am curious…please post how it goes!

  2. Will do! Wheat meat is just gluten, flavored. The one time I made it was NOT fun, I steam burned myself, it was one of those being perpetually clumsy days.

    I’d love to chat. I’ll see if I can’t give you a call later today.

    ((hugs)) cuz!

  3. Elizabeth (Beth)

    Good luck with the fridge – I feel your pain.

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