Obviously, I changed the basic format of the blog!

This isn’t quite so “clean” but hopefully it’s more usable. I wanted to give people who’re not interested in the current blog’s content a way to find the content they want.

Let me know if this works for you, or doesn’t!



4 responses to “Obviously, I changed the basic format of the blog!

  1. Are you still planning on doing a food blog, and a “stuff” blog?

    • Not if folks like the new format. I thought this theme would give readers a choice if they wanted to only read one or the other.

      What do you think?


      • Ah! I like it đŸ™‚ Good on ya! And congrats on the selling of all that furniture đŸ™‚ Do you find it profitable? Or are you simply trying to reduce and make a bit of money at the same time?

      • Glad you like it. If the other responses I get are positive, I’ll keep it. The other theme had limited area where I could add functionality. It was attractive though!

        The furniture is both. The stuff I’ve bought (the 4 dining chairs, the 2 barstools, etc.) I managed to sell fast enough that I made a profit. A small one, but a profit just the same. The pieces that came from the house in some cases we spent a lot for, but others we were given or inherited.

        Not making a lot of money, but the booth has paid for itself and the storage the past 2 months, largely on the furniture.

        Oddly enough, this past month I sold more books and more dollars in book sales than furniture! A collector found me, and I am GRATEFUL!


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