The fridge saga, continues?

Jan & Feb were fraught with everything from small to pretty big pieces of bad luck. The latest is that instead of our fridge being fixed today, it isn’t. The company goofed and sent the parts to


DH called them and got no satisfaction, really. They verified that yes, they’d goofed and sent the parts to Alaska, and gee they were sorry they had no expected delivery date and wouldn’t have one until the part was on its way back. DH asked, “Can you call me tomorrow with an expected delivery date?” and that was agreed upon, or DH thought so, but no one called Tuesday.

The company where we bought the fridge in November has done something like this as well. When it became obvious that we were going to be without a fridge for a while. I asked for a loaner. Got someone at the sales place to agree that yes we should have one and they’d call us back to verify that we did. I had to call them and then find out I was on the delivery schedule, they never called me.

This gripes me because it’s bad business. It gripes me because both times we thought we had a partial fix for the problem and whoever was on the other end couldn’t be bothered. It gripes me because we went a long way out of our way to buy an American made machine from a local small chain. Because we wanted service and wanted to support our country and community.

Should have bought it from Amazon or a big box store from Samsung, wtf.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be ethical or try to be a good guy.

Driving through the storm yesterday was NOT fun. The 5 hour trip took about 6 hours. DH is outside with the snow blower clearing off what looks like 3-4 inches and it’s been snowing lightly since I got up. Glad I don’t have to go anywhere!


2 responses to “The fridge saga, continues?

  1. Good Grief! I hope your March goes a lot better. Enjoying you blog!

  2. Why thanks! I finally got someone who seems to really care about keeping us happy, someone at the appliance repair place. I called this afternoon and talked to a woman and explained that our part had gone to Alaska. She said, “I heard about that.” and I said, “I bet you did!” Anyway, she said she’d talk to the parts manager about it and could I call back?

    I did and got a guy, who seems to actually really want us happy. I explained (like I had to the woman before) that DH and I have both worked customer service, that one of us at one point repaired appliances for Sears, and we get that “stuff” happens. But the “We’ll call you.” and then no calls is unacceptable. So he called me back, twice. The first time to tell me that he’d talked to the guy exchanging all the email with the manufacturer . The 2nd to say that he’d call the person at the factory and demand a delivery date or something and would call tomorrow a.m., no matter what.

    I believe him. Gee, maybe if they manufactured the parts in the U.S. still they wouldn’t have these problems?????



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