Okay, back to work

I figured it out . . . .

(Math Alert!)

10,060 pieces out for the year is 838 a month. This is nearly the end of the 2nd month. That means that I need to have gotten rid of 1,676 by next week. I’ve gotten rid of 10,060-9046 (as of my last tally) which is 1,014 since the beginning of the year…or I’m short by 662 pieces.

Neatly, that is:

838*2 = 1676 (what I should have gotten rid of)

1676-1014= 662 (what I’m short)

If I get the box shipped to Indiana, that’s 50-70, I have 2 boxes to deliver locally, that’s another 100-140 approx., those will give me about 25% of what I need. If I just file/shred more of the mail lying around here, I can probably at least do at least half of it. There’s at least 150 pieces of mail that need sheeting, filing, shredding around here.

For a shocker, well it shocked us, I’ve actually sold MORE books this month than anything else!

That hasn’t happened for a long time! I almost certainly can’t make enough money selling just books to pay for the booth & storage, but the booth rent is paid, although the storage probably won’t be. My goal this month was to take in enough I need to pay for both, and that probably isn’t going to happen unless someone buys the two big pieces in the booth.

February always was the worst month of the year for the shop too, so that’s going to figure in there somehow? But one or more dealer and/or collector has found my booth this month. Yeah! That means I’m selling books for .33 or more. The most I get from the wholesale orders is .30 a book, usually it’s more like .21 a book. (I fill the box for a set price.)

I’m off all afternoon. I have an appointment late morning and then have a date with a friend later. I plan to go to the storage between. Maybe I can grab a box or two from my office and put it in the storage or grab something from the storage to donate? We’ll see!



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