10% gone! & a picture (of books, natch)

The fridge part is back ordered till ?, sigh. We’re supposed to get a loaner, today, sigh again. This is NOT what we wanted, of course. Okay, okay. I’ll quit yammering about that, but it IS frustrating!

Other stuff: DH sold a book he got last weekend. I sold 4 chairs I got last weekend and 2 more I got a week or two before that. If we keep this up, we’ll empty the storage unit AND we’ll actually make a little money from the used stuff this year. (Also, I took a HUGE lot of paperbacks to the dump, pic below.)

The books that went to the dump's swap shop

I have about 30 books ready to upload where they’re going, I need 100 total. I also have a few (<10) books ready for the new wholesale order. I need to crank on that stuff too. My work schedule and tasks got seriously sidelined by throwing my back out last week and the fridge disaster. I did NOT count on spending 3 hours this a.m. taking everything out of our fridge, cleaning it, salting/sanding the possible paths the delivery guys might use — none of that was in my plans for today!

Stuff continues to sell better in the new antique booth than the previous one. I revised this today to reflect the most current sales & things I’ve bought.

*~*The Great Stuff Purge*~*

Here’s the tally. Next month (or maybe sooner), I’m buying a Silhouette. Yay! Then I’ll post a badge to represent stuff out, no more boring lists . . . you’ll see! If you’ll be glad to have no more long, boring lists, believe me so will I! Compiling the lists is not an editing job I enjoy.


To dump (swap shop): 1 cassette tape, 25 books, 1 pair leggings, 1 organizer
To dump (trash): 4 bags of food, 28 books

Sold: 4 chairs, 21 books, 1 camera, 2 bar stools, plant hanger, 2 flowerpots/saucers, 7 more books

Given away: 20 bags, 2 boxes, 139 coupons


Bought: 13 books, 2 paperclip holders, 4 cookie cutters 1 wind chime, 1 candlestick, 1 other thing, 2 paper things
From the dump: 1 thing

today 60+38+161-29= 230

old 9284 92.2%
new 9054 90.0%



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