Two days to the end of the month (panic!) & another pathetic tally

I should be approaching 9222 (91.7%). My last tally was 9620 and the difference is 398 pieces to get rid of, in two days? I have a few things (about 50) to add, but it's not enough.

The 398 is eight boxes of books roughly. I have 4 orders pending. Two boxes I can ship any time. I process about 10 books an hour, so 100 books is about 10 hours worth of work. Even if I do that, I'm still 298 short.

We're probably going to the dump today. What I have in my tally right now is about 60 pieces. If I can get to them, I can certainly add a load (or two) of rot wood, but that's only 1 thing. Oh! I have a trunk out front that I was going to replace 2 filing cabinets with, that will give me 2 more. I guess I need to do a SERIOUS purge of paper, clothes, or something!

There are 3 major types of clutter in the house: books, papers, & clothes/cloth.

My original plan was to catch up the filing in January, so that doing the taxes was easy. That’s still possible, but I think I better shoot for having it done in February instead! (The Evil Twin won this one, sigh.)

I just sheeted 25 receipts in about 15 minutes. That means that I should be able to sheet 200-300 in a few hours? If I get back to that project, it would probably be enough. Between sheeting loose receipts and then getting rid of the extra boxes or reusing them for other storage, the entire house would just be cleaner. Okay, that’s the plan! Sheeting the receipts is one thing, then the sheets need to be organized and put in the filing cabinet or the notebooks. If I sheet 200 receipts in next day or so and then get those papers filed in the filing cabinet/notebooks it will give me the 400 items I need.

Between when I started writing this post and when it was published I set aside 50 more receipts to be sheeted and tossed some stuff, which will appear on the next tally. We'll see if I can do enough? I do NOT want to end January by being behind! [Already? I mean…honestly!]

The tally, such as it is, is below.


To dump (swap shop):cookie cutter, 33 postcards, 1 roll of ribbon, 1 wallet
Sold: 1 woodworking tool

Given away: 10 bags, 1 box, 1 load of packing material (all to antique store), 1 other bag of bags (from landing pad below)
Used: 1 old envelope, 1 box,
Removed: 2 bar stools (bought at one antique store, repriced, left at the other)
Filed: 25 receipts

Bought: 12 pieces of mat board for drawer fronts (old ones counted going out, but not the new ones in!), 2 other pieces of mat board, 1 wallet, 1 washboard, 2 bar stools
To a landing pad: 1 bag of bags

today 37+42-19= 60

old 9620 95.6%
new 9560 95.0%


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