It’s only been 3 weeks…

By the end of the 3rd week of the year, I need to have gotten rid of 579 pieces. I’ve only gotten rid of 492; I’m short 117! That’s almost a week’s worth.

I need to get MOVING! Fortunately, I have a pending request for a donation as well as a 2nd wholesale order. Those should put me back where I ought to be for the year. If January has 4 weeks, I should have 772 items by 1/31.

[Sorry for the lack of pictures! The only thing I have left to take pics of for this post is the 5 books. I can do it, but not right now. I decided it was more important to put up a post than to do it tomorrow with the pic. Agree? Disagree?]


To dump (swap shop): 5 books
To dump (trash): old date book
Sold: 67 books
Stolen: 1 book

Donated: 18 dishes, 25 brochures
Given away: 19 magazines
Removed: 1 subscription

Returned: 1 item for DH

Bought: fish bowl, quart bottle, 3 pcs for office storage, glass washboard, 1 pc hardware for DH,
3 custard cups, 1 set creamer/sugar (3 pcs), 6 mugs, 12 knives, 2 bowls, fishbowl, tablecloth

today 73+63+1-35= 102

old 9700 96.4%
new 9598 95.4%



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