More outta here!

In the first 48 hours in the new booth I sold a bookcase, a old machine thing, a x-stitch piece, and a small metal table. All of them had been there. Except for the bookcase, they’d all been priced, for sale, and just languished.


I doubled my monthly sales with the 1st 3 items sold, and then nearly did it again when the bookcase sold. I am PSYCHED!

My job today is to get a 3 part bookcase cleaned up/priced and to the antique store. Then I come home and do a dump run.

Today is all about getting rid of more STUFF!



4 responses to “More outta here!

  1. Wow! That is fantastic! Great job!

  2. Thanks! I wish I could say that trend continued, but it didn’t, alas. However, I put the 3 piece bookcase in the booth, along with a 3-legged stool too. We’ll see if they sell!

    Best —


  3. Thanks cuz! I was really revved by the change. It would be SO nice if it continued…but so far what’s been happening is that I sell things one day and then nothing the next and then sell things and then not. The weekend is coming. If the weather isn’t awful, hopefully I’ll sell some more!

    Thanks for the encouragement. It is NICE to be within shooting distance (for a change) of paying my rent before the 20th. I’d rather have the $ for the rent by the 15th, but I’ll take this as an indicator!

    Thanks again cuz —


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