Filing is not sexy!

It’s dump day.

I’ve been working on the filing backlog, which is HUGE. I gave the antique store the bag of bags I’ve had in the car.

I did two six minute sprint cleanings.
1) Pulled the covers up over the bed (notice I did NOT say I made the bed), hung clothes, picked up some papers to sort, gathered up dirty clothes.

2) Picked up/sorted the books, paper, & clothes in the bedroom.

Then I got distracted. . . .

I made cookies,
went to the dump, AND
filed stuff.

Here’s my tally, it’s pretty lame. Filing just isn’t visually sexy! Necessary? Yes. Sexy? No. I can’t figure out how to take a pic that would show the filed stuff without making a stack of stuff BEFORE it’s filed?

I’ll work on it.


Given away: 30 plastic bags to the antique store

Filed: 63 bills, receipts, etc.


Returned: 1 inflater thingy (brand a), 1 book

Found new home/put away:3 Christmas things, in the trunk.

Moved from LANDING PAD: the trunk, FINALLY it’s in use, in the attic !!!

Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.) =

2 pkgs plastic ware, and 5 decorative birds into trunk


The trunk is finally in place and being used. Yay!


Bought: 1 inflater thingy (brand b), 5 decorative birds

From the dump: 8 things (NOT counted last time, sigh)

To a landing pad:



Sellers/Hoosier bread drawer insert, glass flower frog, basket all taken to the antique store.

Today 105-14= 91

old 9862 98.0%

new 9771 97.1%


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