Six Minute Rule

I had an idea this a.m. First of all, you have to understand that CLEANING, really scrubbing things is just about the chore I hate most in the world. I don’t mind picking up or moving things around, or even cleaning dishes and such, but general cleaning just makes me grumpy.

In order to get this house clean/tidy, not only do I need to get rid of a huge mountain of “stuff” but I need new habits as well. The cleaning aversion is one of the major pieces that has to change. This morning I had a brainstorm. What if I broke the cleaning up into 5 minute pieces? I can usually stand to do almost anything for just 5 minutes.

So I took a timer and determined to tackle the bathroom. When I hit the numbers, I hit 6 instead of 5. I shrugged, and started the timer.

In 6 minutes I managed to: fold/hang the towels neatly, put cleaner in the toilet, sprinkle cleaner in the tub, remove all the misc. papers, books, pick up the rugs (to be shook), put the dirty clothes into piles in the hall, and start cleaning the sink. Well that was okay, but now I had cleaner in the toilet, tub, and the sink/counter.

So, I started the timer a 2nd time. This time I managed to scrub the toilet, tub, sink, and counter, polish the chrome on the tub/sink. When the timer went off, I was getting ready to wipe down the mirror, and then finished that job.

Is my bathroom CLEAN? No. Is it CLEANER? Hell yes! Okay, I can do this, I think. Even without invoking the PTSD-panic. Or, I hope so. Six minutes at a time? whatever works is A-Okay with me!

I’m going to try this six-minute rule downstairs in a minute. The kitchen needs it, so does the laundry. Then? Then I think I’ll have my last cup of coffee for the day and read for a while as a reward. (It will also help keep the panic at bay.)

Six minutes . . who knew?


2 responses to “Six Minute Rule

  1. Beth (Elizabeth)

    Good Idea!

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