Six minute rule in use/1 week’s allotment gone!

Each one of the items below took six minutes. In six minutes, I . . .

1)Swept the stairs and entry, vacuumed up the dust pile, dusted the ceiling/walls of the stairwell & entry.

2)Took the kitchen rug outside, swept the hallway & kitchen, picked up papers that needed to go elsewhere. Dealt with the dust pile. [Then I shook the kitchen rug. It’s currently outside with the bathroom rugs, getting cold and killing any insect residents. I’ll pull them in before too long.]

3)Took everything off, dusted/polished the bathroom shelf. (It’s wood.)

4)Swept the front walk, re-shook the rugs, put them back where they belong.

And here’s the latest tally:


To dump (swap shop):emb. floss organizer (forgot about it, but it went the last time),
1 cookie cutter (there were 14 cookie cutters, not 13, see the photo), 3 books, a thermometer, 3 3×5 cards
To dump (trash):
To family:
Sold: 2 things

Given away: 6 books added to the giveaway bag
Used: 1 pkg paper
Filed: 22 bills

Found new home/put away: 11 cookie cutters
Moved from LANDING PAD:
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.) =

Bought: 4 pieces of hardware
From the dump: 8 things
To a landing pad:

30 plastic bags (to give away)
10 books (to be donated)

today 50-4 = 46

old 9908
new 9862 98.0%


I made my numbers for the week! Well, it took 9 days, but I’m at 198 out.

Sigh, the trunk is STILL outside.


2 responses to “Six minute rule in use/1 week’s allotment gone!

  1. Beth (Elizabeth)

    Wow! Impressive!

  2. That’s 4 six-minute blocks, not one! This seemed like it works though, which is great.

    I need to go do some more filing. I’m really sick of being awash in paper. I’d love to have all the filing caught up by the time I have to talk to the accountant, end of Feb, beginning of March.

    So I’ll keep on working at it! I have a friend who wants me to come & help him pack his bookstore, so I may take a break and do that for a few days. We’ll see! That won’t be for a week or two.

    Thanks again —


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