70+ things out, but less than 50 count, sigh.

The bead dresser is empty!

Its drawers are out, but the frame is still in the attic and needs to be cleaned before it’s removed and taken to the antique store.

A SPACE BUDGET was imposed on the bead collection. Beads are now stored on/in the two crates they’d been in previously and the 2 new crates. Many previously used containers were added to the dump or out pile. There’s 9 now empty spice bottles which came with a plastic rack. The rack was here the last time I looked, but I haven’t looked for a long time.

1 of the 2 new pop crates. The other is below this one, and full

This is one of those awful decisions: keep the bottles to match up with the rack so that both are usuable/salable or pitch them because I haven’t seen the rack in a long time? Pah! For the moment, I’ll keep the bottles. I have one or two small empty boxes in the living room, I’ll put the bottles in there, marked/dated, as a LANDING PAD.

I need a more interesting/graphical and faster way to present what’s going in, or not, etc. The list works, but it’s BORING to look at/read. If I think so, how can my hapless readers feel?

Got any ideas? I’d love to hear them!

I’ll talk to my technical advisor, DH. I have a few ideas… In the meantime, here’s today’s tally.


To dump (swap shop):
18 plastic containers, 14 bead tubes, 2 jars, 2 tins, 1 pkg beads=37
To family:
1 scarf=1
3 books, 3 books on tape =6

Lots of small round containers!

Donated: 0
Gave away:
3 plastic bottles, 15 postcards=18
Used: 2 new pop crates


Found new home/put away:
The rest of the bead collection, not sure how to count this?0
Moved from LANDING PAD:0
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.) bead consolidation =8

Bought: 2 pkg tissue paper, a placemat, a drill bit, 3 books, 10 magazines =17
From the dump 0
To a landing pad:
9 spice bottles


bead dresser

today 72 pieces out – 26 pieces in = 46 today

old 10057
new 10011


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