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Two days to the end of the month (panic!) & another pathetic tally

I should be approaching 9222 (91.7%). My last tally was 9620 and the difference is 398 pieces to get rid of, in two days? I have a few things (about 50) to add, but it's not enough.

The 398 is eight boxes of books roughly. I have 4 orders pending. Two boxes I can ship any time. I process about 10 books an hour, so 100 books is about 10 hours worth of work. Even if I do that, I'm still 298 short.

We're probably going to the dump today. What I have in my tally right now is about 60 pieces. If I can get to them, I can certainly add a load (or two) of rot wood, but that's only 1 thing. Oh! I have a trunk out front that I was going to replace 2 filing cabinets with, that will give me 2 more. I guess I need to do a SERIOUS purge of paper, clothes, or something!

There are 3 major types of clutter in the house: books, papers, & clothes/cloth.

My original plan was to catch up the filing in January, so that doing the taxes was easy. That’s still possible, but I think I better shoot for having it done in February instead! (The Evil Twin won this one, sigh.)

I just sheeted 25 receipts in about 15 minutes. That means that I should be able to sheet 200-300 in a few hours? If I get back to that project, it would probably be enough. Between sheeting loose receipts and then getting rid of the extra boxes or reusing them for other storage, the entire house would just be cleaner. Okay, that’s the plan! Sheeting the receipts is one thing, then the sheets need to be organized and put in the filing cabinet or the notebooks. If I sheet 200 receipts in next day or so and then get those papers filed in the filing cabinet/notebooks it will give me the 400 items I need.

Between when I started writing this post and when it was published I set aside 50 more receipts to be sheeted and tossed some stuff, which will appear on the next tally. We'll see if I can do enough? I do NOT want to end January by being behind! [Already? I mean…honestly!]

The tally, such as it is, is below.


To dump (swap shop):cookie cutter, 33 postcards, 1 roll of ribbon, 1 wallet
Sold: 1 woodworking tool

Given away: 10 bags, 1 box, 1 load of packing material (all to antique store), 1 other bag of bags (from landing pad below)
Used: 1 old envelope, 1 box,
Removed: 2 bar stools (bought at one antique store, repriced, left at the other)
Filed: 25 receipts

Bought: 12 pieces of mat board for drawer fronts (old ones counted going out, but not the new ones in!), 2 other pieces of mat board, 1 wallet, 1 washboard, 2 bar stools
To a landing pad: 1 bag of bags

today 37+42-19= 60

old 9620 95.6%
new 9560 95.0%

Making it look good, with pics!

I finally recovered from not enough sleep, lots of physical labor, and driving 4 hour marathons cross-country!

I thought I’d be done around 3 yesterday, and the last few errands I added ALL took longer than I expected.

I went to the market, got cash out, got in the car, realized I hadn’t gotten my cash, and had to go back into the market. They pulled the teller’s drawer, and counted it. I got my $. But of course, it took time. I went to the framing shop and picked up the pieces I had waiting there and had the sample drawer front with me and then waited while the new ones were cut.

None of that was a problem, but going to the market and the framer were both errands I added because I’d finished early. By the time I got done, it was 5, not 3 p.m. and the previous days’ efforts and my now full day caught up with me all at once. I came home and went to bed.

Today, I’m still foggy a bit. It’s nearly noon and I could easily take a nap for 3 or 4 hours. Tomorrow I should be completely recovered.

The framing I picked up isn’t counted in the tally because I already owned/stored the items. One piece was already framed, had new glass put in. Another had a mat cut, DH needs to put together a frame for me. The drawer fronts ARE new, so they’re counted.

My office has 6 drawer units in it that previously held American Greeting card storage. I got them when a craft store went out of business and left them behind. They’re not the most robustly made things in the world, but they were made to take a beating. The drawer fronts that came with these were fake wood and I hate them.

fake wood drawer fronts, UG!

The framer got in a bargain lot of mat board I really liked, so that’s what I had him cut, and they’ve now replaced the fake wood pieces. That’s reflected in the tally. I’ve acquired some things on consignment, and those aren’t in the tally yet, I’ll add them when I get them in the data base later this week.

You can't tell, but these are silver/grey. This is 2 drawer units one on the other.

The photos are wonky and yellow, again, and one is out of focus, again. I have to get DH to give me enough photography lessons (or bludgeon (strike that, replace with cajole) ) him into taking pictures for me. This is what happens when you marry someone who’s been a professional photographer; you never take pictures!

I have 2 wholesale orders pending, 1 retail order pending, 2 donation orders pending. When I get those filled, it’s approx another 250 pieces out.

And just if I wasn’t busy enough? I’m trying to get approx 100 items loaded on etsy and bonanza.

I’m so lazy!

Here’s my pathetic tally:


To dump (swap shop):12 plastic wood print drawer inserts
Sold: 4 books, 3 bookcases, 3 custard cups, camera piece

Used: 12 pieces of patterned mat board to replace drawer inserts
Revealed: 6 bookcases. 1 floor

Bought: 3 books, rack, mug, basket
From the dump: 1 book

today 29-7 = 22

old 9598 95.4%
new 9620 95.6%


I have been working for a friend out of state for the past 3 days. I am tired. It’s a 4 hour drive to this person’s home from ours.

Anyway, ’nuff said! This is a “placeholder” because I am too tired to write a real post, sorry. I have NOT dropped off the face of the earth, but I’m not going to be home/have time to write a real post until tomorrow afternoon.

I’m just busy!


Dreams, creativity, safety, home.

I have remembered my dreams, three days in a row! [Of course, now that I’ve noticed, the evil twin will make it so that I don’t for a while, but I am resigned to that too.] Remembering my dreams has made it hard to get out of bed; it’s rather like having a private movie theater.

Don’t know about my evil twin? See my Evil Twin description. It’s in bold about 3/4th of down the page.

In my 20s, I made myself forget my dreams. I’d wake up with whatever emotion the dream created running through my day. Dreams yanked me around emotionally; they were irrational. I was terrified I was crazy and the dreams’ irrationality proved it? In the 30+ years since, I have remembered my dreams 1-3 times a year or maybe less than that. Remembering my dreams three days in a row hasn’t happened in decades.

I had a creative brainstorm last night as I was trying to sleep. The ideas about creating stuff woke me up, the usual 1,000 ideas buzzing. I haven’t been making anything or working on projects, like cards, and I’ve been fighting off depression/hiding/being unproductive.

Wide awake at 2 a.m., I realized the creative vision of our home-to-be is a huge part of why I’ve been able to work so hard at the de-hoarding. When that vision slips or falters, I also lose the energy that keeps me revved and able to do the de-hoarding.

De-hoarding isn’t simply an intellectual decision I made, to do a given task in a given time.

I knew that. But I didn’t know that I NEED the creative vision/creativity to keep me emotionally fueled and focused. Rather than dismissing my creative side, I need to nurture it. I use it in the de-hoarding to figure out how to store stuff, what/how to do it, as well as the usual crafting, gardening, etc.

Creativity yields or nurtures dreams, vision & de-hoarding.

The kicker in here (there had to be one) is safety. I create most either when I feel safe OR when I feel very unsafe. Anything other than the two extremes, I have a tendency to believe I’m too busy, adult, intellectual, (fill in the blank) to “play” with creativity. What I’ve learned is that the creativity is not only the way I keep coming at the problem (There’s always another “What if I…?”) but it also provides the vision of my goal.

Together those provide the energy and will to make the wanted change reality. Otherwise, it’s the same old swamp, with the usual cast of monsters, nightmares, scar tissue and bleeding wounds. Without the creativity, I am chained in that swamp, with no hope of escape. With creativity? The chains disappear and I can get out.


It’s only been 3 weeks…

By the end of the 3rd week of the year, I need to have gotten rid of 579 pieces. I’ve only gotten rid of 492; I’m short 117! That’s almost a week’s worth.

I need to get MOVING! Fortunately, I have a pending request for a donation as well as a 2nd wholesale order. Those should put me back where I ought to be for the year. If January has 4 weeks, I should have 772 items by 1/31.

[Sorry for the lack of pictures! The only thing I have left to take pics of for this post is the 5 books. I can do it, but not right now. I decided it was more important to put up a post than to do it tomorrow with the pic. Agree? Disagree?]


To dump (swap shop): 5 books
To dump (trash): old date book
Sold: 67 books
Stolen: 1 book

Donated: 18 dishes, 25 brochures
Given away: 19 magazines
Removed: 1 subscription

Returned: 1 item for DH

Bought: fish bowl, quart bottle, 3 pcs for office storage, glass washboard, 1 pc hardware for DH,
3 custard cups, 1 set creamer/sugar (3 pcs), 6 mugs, 12 knives, 2 bowls, fishbowl, tablecloth

today 73+63+1-35= 102

old 9700 96.4%
new 9598 95.4%


More outta here!

In the first 48 hours in the new booth I sold a bookcase, a old machine thing, a x-stitch piece, and a small metal table. All of them had been there. Except for the bookcase, they’d all been priced, for sale, and just languished.


I doubled my monthly sales with the 1st 3 items sold, and then nearly did it again when the bookcase sold. I am PSYCHED!

My job today is to get a 3 part bookcase cleaned up/priced and to the antique store. Then I come home and do a dump run.

Today is all about getting rid of more STUFF!


The evil twin who lives in my head (& a tally)

No pics this time, it’s 2:57 a.m. I should be in bed, not tapping away at a keyboard!

If I’m up at 2 a.m., suffice it to say that the PTSD, etc is having a field day, or did. So far, I’ve had some eggnog/rum, played a few games, poked around facebook, and written a post about what specifically was bothering me earlier that kept me from going to sleep. Now, I’m starting to wind down, so I can write something here without the emotional content…which is GOOD!

Things have been selling at the antique store. The new booth, the first day, doubled my sales for the month! Although still not enough to pay the rent this is encouraging, to say the least. RAH! (Long may the trend continue.)

I was intrigued and interested when I heard the NPR broadcast about PTSD and sleep problems today.

I don’t have flashback dreams, or at least not that I know of, since I don’t remember my traumatizing event. (I was 3.) But the drug sounded intriguing. Also the research. I keep trying to get up the nerve to contact a local physician who’s doing PTSD research and offering myself as a test case. I wrote a letter and do not remember if i sent it? I’m hesitant to do anything else.

This is sort of like the author/title of the book you hear about at a party where you see three of your best buddies and they all talk about books (or they do if they’re MY friends) and then you simply cannot remember the title you REALLY wanted to that you heard earlier. PTSD creates those sort of events in my life all the time. I “forget” to have 6 minute cleanups. I “lose” the timer. I give myself kudos for getting to sleep, and then can’t sleep for days, etc., etc.

It’s like having an evil twin, who lives inside my head and sabotages me just as I’m getting something accomplished.

Maybe this is the emotional abuse playing out it’s evil thread? Dunno. But I have to “trick” myself to get almost anything done. Dehoarding the house means that I have to set a timer. I have to play with a piece of it, but I can’t plan it. Honest to God, it gets tiring to sort of side wise sidle up to doing some goal. It would be SO much easier if I could just say, “Today, I’ll do X!” and do it.

Oh well. Such is my life.

I have managed to do a couple of the six-minute cleanups, but not more than one a day. Still, that’s progress of a sort, and if this is the side ways sidle required to do this right now, that’s okay. By contrast, after I said I wanted to file 50 pieces of paper every two days (which I’d been doing) I suddenly stopped filing. Honestly! It was the same with sleeping. I hadn’t been sleeping well at all. I got back after the holidays and for about a week, I slept. I got into bed, and just slept. It was wonderful! After about a week or two with this new great thing, I wrote a post. Haven’t slept well since!

The evil twin won that round.




To dump (swap shop): 1 book, 6 pcs of clothing, 3 old plastic storage containers
To dump (trash): 1 catalog
Sold: 8 items at antique store

Given away: 1 1/2 pint bottle, 2 dishtowels
Used: 1 box, 1 pkg tissue paper, 8 beads
Revealed: bathroom cloest floor

Found new home/put away: 7 storage containers

Bought: 6 pieces of clothing, 3 pcs. hardware, 8 storage containers
From the dump: a strainer
To a landing pad:

today 19+13+7-18 =21
old 9721 96.6%
new 9700 96.4%